The Grove Bistro – Weston Super Mare

Located just opposite the indoor market next to The Playhouse, The Grove Bistro is a little sized cafe/restaurant. Although the restaurant space is rather old, as previous names have come and gone, The Grove Bistro is only three years old and it has already made huge waves in the food industry in Weston.

It was voted the best restaurant by the Weston Food Festival in 2013 and has been nominated again this year. It has also been given a 2014 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor and is ranked 12 out of the 204 eateries in the area.

The restaurant area has always been seen as a quite upmarket one and although The Grove looks upmarket, it is in no way elitist and does not charge upmarket prices for food that is extremely good. One key indication as to how good this restaurant is, is the fact that it has regulars. That speaks volumes not only for the food itself but for the staff as it shows how friendly they are and even the chef knows the names of some of their regulars.

This leaves a really good atmosphere in the air and you feel very welcomed upon entry to the establishment. The menu isn’t wholly extensive but there is certainly enough to choose from, hot and cold, and there is also a 16-plaque Special’s Board. Another customer friendly feature in their menu is that they will create any Sandwich, within reason, to order so not only do you know you’re getting a completely fresh Sandwich, but you’re getting a sandwich that you completely chose.

Being a sunny lunchtime, it was only cold meals that were ordered, with sides of Cheesy Garlic Bread and Cheesy & Bacon Chips. Whilst waiting for the meals to arrive, it was time to take a look around at the other meals. Customers had ordered meals ranging from Scampi to a Roast Dinner, all of which were generous portions and everyone had only good words to say about the food. Even the puddings looked delicious.

Grove Bistro - Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich  A Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich and a Super Ploughman’s arrived at the table. For a pound extra, the Super Ploughman’s comes with all three choices so instead of deciding between cheese, ham or pate, you can have all three which is a nice touch. All the food looked amazingl fresh and the salad was nice and crispy. There was so much food on the plate, it was hard to know where to start.
Grove Bistro - Ploughmans
The baguettes were lovely and soft for both meals. Not having a bread knife, it was hard to cut open the bread but it when it was buttered and filled, it provided a really nice sandwich. The ham tasted like a really good cut, the slight salty taste added to the flavour. The pickle complimented the cheese nicely as did the coleslaw with the ham, although the coleslaw went quite nicely with the pate too which was rather nice for a pate virgin.

Grove Bistro - Cheesy Garlic BreadThe cheesy garlic bread came out on the same tasty baguette style bread as the sandwich and Ploughman’s. Unlike some cheesy chips, the cheese was actually melted but not melted to the point it was stuck like glue. So again this was a big thumbs up and the bacon wasn’t too greasy so it all went down very well.

 The Grove Bistro is most certainlyGrove Bistro - Cheese & Bacon Chips worth a visit and well deserving of its awards. As it is situated near The Playhouse, this is the perfect venue to have a lovely meal before or after a matinee or before a night time performance. But there isn’t a reason needed to visit The Grove other than the fact it has some fantastic food.


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