Hungry Horse New Menu

HUNGRY Horse have released a new menu recently with new meals and deals and they have done a really good job of improving their already belly busting, fantastic value resume.

Fish Goujons Baguette

Fish Baguette

Perhaps the most eye catching of these new additions is the new five Big Plate Specials at £5. Every Tuesday you can get the Jumbo Cod & Chips, the new Gigantic Gammon, the Cheese, Onion & Potato Pie, the Chicken New Yorker or the Jumbo Hunters Crispy Chicken for just £5. This is better than most meal deals because where restaurants tend to sell their smaller, less inviting plates at a cut price to sound like good deals, Hungry Horse have chosen five decent selling plates and all of them are from the famous Big Plate menu. For families, kids can now eat for just £1 on Mondays. Also for a £1, you can now get a drink from Monday-Friday between 11am-2pm when you buy any lunch items. The Wednesday curry club has also been reintroduced back in to the restaurants.

For the new dishes themselves, there’s a good number to try out. Their lunch menu has been enhanced by Hot Dogs as well as the Tuna, Cheese & Mayo Melt, a Fish Baguette that contains four fish goujons and there’s also the new ‘super’ 5 Meatballs baguette which is served hot and smothered in a rich tomato sauce and melted cheese.

Gigantic Gammon

Gigantic Gammon

As for the famous Big Plate Specials there are another four to choose from. As previously mentioned, there’s the Gigantic Gammon. It’s an evolution of the pub favourite as instead of one gammon steak, there’s three of the 5oz succulent, salty steaks all bursting with flavour. For those who are always stuck between the egg or the pineapple, there’s no need to worry with this plate as it is served with both and they are also accompanied by the usual pub sides; peas, chips, grilled tomato and onion rings. For those who enjoy their gammon this is certainly a great dish to have.

Titan Naan

Chicken Tikka ‘Titan’ Naan

As well as reinstating the curry club, Hungry Horse have created an Indian equivalent to the Yorkshire Pudding plate. It’s called the Chicken Tikka ‘Titan’ Naan and they have certainly taken this Indian, well British, classic and added a Big Plate Special twist to it. The base of this dish is a naan bread that covers the whole big size plate and is smothered in a chicken tikka sauce as well as chicken tikka bites. Amongst this sweetly spicy concoction there are onion bhajis with mango chutney, yoghurt & mint dip and also coriander. The slight spiciness of the tikka is neutralised by the creamy yoghurt dip whilst the bhajis get a tangy enhancement by the chutney. This combination has created a really nice Indian meal that you’re unlikely to ever come across anywhere else. It gains big plus points for the sheer innovativeness of the meal. Alongside the naan, you get a side of chips which, despite adding to this already mammoth meal, could probably be substituted for a couple of poppadoms to just complete the set.

Oceans' a Plenty

Oceans’ a Plenty

Continuing on the innovative front, they have created something which hasn’t been seen too often. Everybody loves a combo meal, a platter, a collection of meal favourites that are combined to create a different meal altogether. And now Hungry Horse have created Oceans’ a Plenty, a fish platter. For lovers of seafood this is definitely a meal created with you in mind as they bring all the fishy pub classics together on one plate. In keeping with the fish theme, the dish is served on newspaper style paper and completed with a big portion of chips. To begin, there’s four salty but crispy fish goujons that bring the essence of the Chippy Tea in a slightly more miniature fashion. There’s also five wholetail scampi bites as well as 12 breaded crispy prawns and two calamari rings. To complete the fishy feast, there are sides of tartare sauce, a lemon wedge and the choice of peas or mushy peas. This one is not for the faint hearted as although it’s a fantastic fish dish, you leave feeling like you’ve eaten a whale.

To complete the Big Plate Special line-up and adding to the meatball baguette, there’s now a Meatball Frenzy; an arrabiata pasta dish topped by ten meatballs and covered in cheese, as all the best things are! To compliment this hearty Italian meal, there’s four slices of garlic ciabatta to enjoy. There’s also a new Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger which screams messy. It’s a beef burger with two rashers of streaky bacon sandwiched in between two deep fried macaroni cheese ‘buns’. It sounds greasy but the cheesy and unusual nature of this burger just makes you want to try it.

Candymania Sundae

The Candymania Sundae

Finally, the dessert menu has also been updated and for those who have salivated over the famous big Candymania but have never had the friends or gall to try it, your time has come. There is now a Candymania Sundae, a smaller, personalised version of the chocoholics dream. This sundae, comprised of one scoop of vanilla ice cream and two scoops of chocolate, contains soft cookie pieces, chocolate sauce, cream, Maltesers, M&Ms and a Twix. This is a must have to tickle your sweet tooth!

Alongside the Candymania Sundae, there’s a new Mint Madness Sundae which has the same ice cream composition as the Candymania but is filled with crushed Aero Mint Bubbles, chocolate sauce and cream. Perhaps a new take on the old mint choc chip? For profiterole lovers, there’s the latest horseshoe themed dessert just for you.

Profiterole Horseshoe

Profiterole Horseshoe

After the Onion Ring Horseshoe, the Big H Burger and the Giant Chocolate Horseshoe Sharer comes the new Chocolate Profiterole Horseshoe. It’s a dessert of six profiteroles topped with a chocolate horseshoe. To complete this chocolately, creamy heaven, it comes with ice cream and even more chocolate dip!

These new additions to the menu certainly show Hungry Horse’s more creative side and all of them are delicious. The new Tuesday deal also shows that Hungry Horse are still trying to be the best value for money chained restaurant.


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