The Pavilion Refurbishment & Beefeater Spring/Summer Menu

THE PAVILION, Beefeater, situated next to Hutton Moor Leisure Centre in Weston-Super-

Mare has been open for about a month now after its recent refurbishment. The new look coincided with Beefeater’s release of their Spring/Summer menu and both are worth looking in to.

The ‘hotel pub’, connected to the Premier Inn, has updated its signage to accommodate the new Beefeater look that the chain is promoting. Hotel Pubs have a tendency to become complacent, as long as the hotel does well there will always be business for the pub and therefore they can rely on decent business. And although the staff here have always been polite and give good customer service, The Pavilion was falling in to the complacent category with the food not always being the best standard and arguably not the worth the mid-range prices that Beefeater charges. With the location of the pub being outside of the town centre and not really a connection to other attractions or establishments, this has been a battle as The Pavilion needed to find something to make customers want to make the effort to come here.

However, that has all changed and The Pavilion has become a more open, welcoming and a country feel establishment.

Hello Sign

Hello Sign

Upon arrival you are greeted by the ‘Hello’ sign that looks to have been cut from a bush. The restaurant and pub sections are still clearly separated but it seems less so with

Living Herb Garden

Living Herb Garden

fewer wooden sides.

To produce this country feel, The Pavilion have gone for a farm-like colour scheme. There are a lot of browns and yellowy-oranges. A lot of the walls have a wooden finish and there are even a couple of living herb gardens, just giving the customer a sense of home-grown and freshness. In case you weren’t aware of Beefeater’s main selling point, their steak, there is plenty of cow decor on the walls to remind you.

View from entrance

View from the entrance

The Aberdeen Angus Tribute

The Aberdeen Angus Tribute

Overall this refurbishment is an excellent one and it really spruces The Pavilion up. It was much needed and there seems to be a bigger sense of pride within the staff now too. The only potential negative of this refurbishment is that some of the lighting seems to hang a little low which can leave a fear of banging your head and they have also got rid of the quiz machine.

As for the new Beefeater menu, there’s a lot of interesting new dishes that are certainly worth tickling your tastebuds with. In fact, the menu itself is different. There’s no long, thick, pieces of card that you open once or twice and they take up the whole table. The menus are thinner and upon opening you are met with a succulent looking steak, again in case you weren’t sure of their main selling point. You need to open the menu again and that is where you are met with the four page food itinerary.

One of the more eye-catching roads they have gone down is milkshakes. Milkshakes can be very hit and miss within the

Strawberry & Clotted Cream Milkshake

Strawberry & Clotted Cream Milkshake

restaurant sector and Beefeater have released the four standard flavours: Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla & Strawberry. They are all made with Beechdean Ice Cream and there is also a limited edition Strawberry & Clotted Cream flavour. This milkshake is quite thick and the sharpness of the strawberry is neutralised by the smooth clotted cream. It’s a really sweet milkshake and for those who are maybe put off by some of the ‘factory’ tasting strawberry milkshakes, this is nothing like them and is actually quite nice. It even comes with a strawberry on the side of the glass.

Sharing starters are becoming increasing popular with most restaurants now offering a platter/combo or nachos. Beefeater have released a selection of Grilled Tear & Share Flatbreads. You have the



choice of plain Garlic, Chimichurri or Ham & Cheese. The flatbreads are very thin and crispy around the edges but all of them are flavoursome. If you are like us and didn’t know what Chimichurri is, it is a green dipping sauce made of various herbs originating from South America. There’s a slight tang to it and this flatbread is not only brushed with it and topped with cheese, it comes with a side plate of the sauce mixed with balsamic vinegar for dipping Italian/Mediterranean style. The Ham & Cheese flavour gives a very toasty flavour and is very moreish.

Ham & Cheese Flatbread

Ham & Cheese Flatbread

Spicy Chicken Wings and Garic King Prawns have been added to the starter and sides sections of the menu but the most eye-catching of the new starters is the Pulled Beef & Yorkshire Pudding. The pulled beef is slow cooked and mixed with a rich gravy and sweet red onion and comes with a sliced Yorkshire pudding, a clever twist on a British roast classic.

As for the mains, not a lot has changed to the steak and grill section. The only new dish here is the whopping 18oz Porterhouse which is 8oz bigger than any of their previous offerings and is advertised as a sirloin cut from the bone-in. With the Summer approaching, Beefeater have taken a good look at their burger section and have added three new mouthwatering assets. The Triple Burger is for any beef lover out there; there’s a combination of a 1/4lb Steak Burger, slow-cooked Pulled Beef and beef rashers along with fried onions and horseradish soft cheese all in between two buns. A true vegetarian’s nightmare!

Don't Forget Their Delicious Mixed Grill

Don’t Forget Their Delicious Mixed Grill

Cheese and mushroom have always come together to make a good taste and Beefeater have realised this too. Their new Cheese & Mushroom Steak Burger comes with two 1/4lb steak patties with a slice of melted Monterrey Jack and a chunky chargrilled flat mushroom. There’s also just about room to squeeze in some fried onions, pickled cucumber and creamy cheese sauce to finish off a really nice burger. For those who prefer their burgers to cluck, there is also the Buffalo Chicken Burger that has a breast covered in a crispy, Southern-style coating. There’s added kick to this burger as it comes with fiery hot sauce and topped with crumbly Stilton and melted Blue Cheese. To keep up with the latest trend, Beefeater have included Double Chicken Piri Piri to their House Favourites section along with Salmon Fillet with a Herb Crust.

Pea & Ham Risotto

Ham & Pea Risotto

For those looking for a lighter option, there’s the choice of a Beefeater Flat-Iron Steak Salad, another Beefeater favourite, Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad and a Chagrilled Chicken Caesar Salad. There is also a new Smoked Ham and Pea Risotto which comes with a rolled up flatbread perfect for dipping in to the rice bowl. The pulled ham and peas is sprinkled with regato cheese to make this risotto nice and creamy.

Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding

Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding

As for desserts, there’s the new Summery Tropical Sundae complete with mango, pineapple chunks and rum sauce. If the Caribbean taste wasn’t enough in this sundae, it’s finished off with a pineapple ring on the side. For fruity flavours there’s the new choice of a Raspberry Cheesecake or the sweet meets sour Plum Tart Tatin. But for those with a sweeter hankering, there’s a chocolate rum melt which will heat the heart on the way down. It’s vanilla ice cream topped with set chocolate that comes with a jug of rum syrup. There is also the Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding which is lovely and sickly, especially when you get to the soft centre. But it is arguably a little small and leaves you wanting more.

Overall, the new Beefeater menu has included a range of good ideas and there’s a lot of dishes worth trying here. If you can try them in The Pavilion then it is certainly worth doing so as a lot of good effort has gone in to this refurbishment.

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