Burger King Summer Range

BURGER King have joined the many manufacturers and restaurants that are releasing seasonal food products with their Summer Barbecue range which has made additions across the menu.

Three new Summer Barbecue burger meals have been introduced – Crunchy BBQ Whopper, BBQ Jerk Tendercrisp and Spicy BBQ Steakhouse. The Spicy BBQ Steakhouse upgrades the original Steakhouse by adding Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Pepperjack Cheese to give your Summer a bit of a kick. The Jerk Tendercrisp brings a taste of the Caribbean to a chicken burger. Topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and Pepperjack Cheese, this burger will also provide a bit of a kick.

The Crunchy BBQ Whopper makes the original Whopper just that little bit bigger. The crunch comes in the form of a potato rosti lying on top of the patty. It is basically a hash brown but it is crispy and fluffy that does slightly overpower the taste of the meat but it is nice nonetheless. The bacon is also crisp and this burger also contains the usual Whopper cheese and vegetables. The BBQ sauce advertised is supposed to be a beer BBQ sauce but it doesn’t seem to taste any different to any other of their BBQ sauce products. Overall though this is a really nice addition to the menu.

If you fancy any side orders to prep up your meal, there’s two new flavours for you to enjoy. There’s Nacho Cheese Bites, which are available in a pack of four or six, and Chicken Fries, which are available in a pack of six or nine. The Cheese Bites are crispy cheese triangles that are breaded with a crispy shell that makes it feel like you’re biting in to a nacho. The cheese is similar to other cheese bites that fast food chains offer, it’s soft and gooey but it doesn’t ooze out when you bite in to them. The difference between these and normal cheese bites is that the cheese tastes a little smokier as it’s supposed to be nacho cheese. As for Chicken Fries, these are a fast food way of describing chicken goujons. These breaded chicken pieces taste like Southern Fried Chicken. They’re thin and crispy but they are rather flimsy, if that’s important to you when eating fries. Both additions are extremely nice and could definitely improve your meal.

If you’re still hungry after your meal and sides, there’s two new King Fusions for you to try; Toffee Crisp and Bounty. These pots of ice cream are heavily topped with chocolate pieces and sauce. The Bounty King Fusion has chocolate pieces that are crisp but soft just like when you are biting in to a proper Bounty. It is really nice but the disappointing thing is that you can’t really taste the coconut until after you’ve finished eating the dessert.

To wash all of this down, Burger King have created three new frozen slush drinks to give you that really refreshing, thirst quenching taste. There’s the non-alcoholic Pina Colada Smoothie, Frozen Limeade and Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade. The Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade contains a prevalence of lemon but the sharpness is neutralised by the cherry. The cherry also makes this lemonade quite fruity and finishes Burger King’s Summer range off quite nicely.

Calories – (Medium Sizes)

Crunchy BBQ Whopper – 590

Spicy BBQ Steakhouse – 673

BBQ Jerk Tendercrisp – 470

Chicken Fries – 190 (Six Pieces) 290 (Nine Pieces)

Nacho Cheese Bites – Not Found

Toffee Crisp King Fusion – Not Found

Bounty King Fusion – Not Found

Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade – Not Found

Pina Colada Frozen Smoothie – Not Found

Frozen Limeade – Not Found

It would seem that Burger King are extremely unhelpful in giving nutritional information and the prices of their Summer range. So that might just have to be a surprise should you be tempted to try any of their new Summer range. Apologies for not being to help out with this.


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