Subway BBQ Pulled Pork & Beef Pastrami Melt

THE BBQ Pulled Pork trend has reached the fast food sandwich giants Subway. This latest rendition comes alongside the new Beef Pastrami Melt which has also been created to give you a taste of New York.

With BBQ Pulled Pork being interpreted in so many different ways by so many different companies, Subway’s attempt was met with some caution as the quality really does matter when creating a pulled pork product. Being a fast food chain, we all know that the quality isn’t going to be that high and that was only affirmed by the condensed squares that were piled onto their small plastic plates.

However, don’t judge a book by its cover as Subway have actually made a decent attempt at recreating the American classic. The sauce in the portion isn’t abundant but it is quite sweet and can be topped up with extra barbecue sauce when they ask you to customise it. The pork is thin and tender yet bristly which is how the better pulled pork dishes tend to be. Overall it does taste fine but the thing about Subway is that each sandwich can be customised in so many different ways and these can alter the taste you may experience. But credit has to go to Subway for making a really decent pulled pork sandwich.

Subway have also tried to give you a sense of being in New York by creating a Big Apple staple, the pastrami sandwich. The pastrami is a thin cut of meat, usually from beef. It’s advertised as being made with tender beef, American mustard, pickles and melted cheese. This again can be customised in whichever way you choose and Subway have even added a couple of their own ideas around the restaurant.

The beef itself is actually quite dry but it’s given flavour by the breaded crust which is slightly peppered. If you’re not a fan of mustard, don’t worry. The mustard is barely tastable but it does give a slight kick every now and again. However, this kick probably actually adds to the flavour rather than overpower anything and probably rounds this sandwich off nicely. Both new sandwiches are worth a try but maybe try finding a voucher as the Beef Pastrami is almost twice the price of their standard meal deal sandwiches.


BBQ Pulled Pork – 440 (Six Inch) 880 (Footlong)

Beef Pastrami Melt – 354 (Six Inch) 708 (Footlong)


BBQ Pulled Pork – £3.69 (Six Inch Singular) £4.99 (Six Inch Meal Deal) £5.69 (Footlong Singular) £6.99 (Footlong Meal Deal)

Beef Pastrami Melt – £3.69 (Six Inch Singular) £4.99 (Six Inch Meal Deal) £5.69 (Footlong Singular) £6.99 (Footlong Meal Deal)


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