Weston Super Food Festival 2015

TASTES from around the world teamed up with local foodies to take over Weston-Super-Mare’s Winter Gardens and lawns for the 2015 Weston Super Food Festival.

The weekend saw hundreds of visitors walking around the various stalls, taking in the different smells, trying some samples and buying lots of fantastic food. There was something for everyone with the adults being entertained by live cookery shows and entertainment from the beer tent whilst the children were kept busy with short films and activities.

Inside the Winter Gardens was all the stalls from independent retailers where you could buy many weird and wonderful things. From bread and cheese to chocolate and wine with some extraordinary cakes in between, everyone was sampling what was on offer and plenty of money was being spent.

The cookery shows were held in the main ballroom and provided an excellent opportunity to get your breath back and drool over the professionals sharing their wisdom.

For the real foodies, especially those with a love of street food, the best action came from the lawns as the aromas pulled the crowds in. This was where you could buy food from various cuisines and celebrate the world on your doorstep. There was the Big Pot Kitchen which had a huge cooking pot filled with new potatoes on one stall which could be accompanied with sausages, coleslaw and a baguette. You could try your hand at the coconut shy in aid of charity and do your bit for nature with the Wildlife Trust, National Trust and RSPB all having stalls.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Weston’s Orchestra playing a variety of songs in the beer tent. There were renditions of Mary Poppins’ classics all the way through to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

Back to the food and one thing that got a lot of attention was Big Betty. Betty looked like she came from the back of the steam train and served as a smoke oven. With the classic locomotive look, Betty provided smoky American staples like pulled pork and beef brisket served with burnt end beans or mac n cheese. If you couldn’t choose between the two you could have the Big Betty’s Special which saw lashings of pork and brisket being served in a soft bun and smothered in barbecue sauce and coleslaw.

If you fancied a true barbecue special, you could have had an extremely juicy venison or elk burger or a hot dog covered in ketchup from Bush Farm Catering. The burger came with cranberry sauce and the option of a duck egg and you could also choose to add cheese and bacon to complete the meal.

After this weekend, a lot of people could be travelling to Frome to have one of the best sausage rolls around. With flavours such as Pork and Sage, Chicken and Mushroom and Pork and Chilli, these sausage rolls from Little Jack Horners were so soft with the meat so tender yet extremely flavourful.

Devon and Cornwall are famed for their ice cream and Chew Moos lived up to that reputation with some really creamy flavours. They took raspberry ripple and twisted it by swapping raspberry for elderberry and there was also choices of Snickers and Honeycomb with White Chocolate to name just a couple. These were so moreish but there was so much more to sample.

Being by the seaside, there was a couple of fish stalls and a bit further afield you could have pizza and pasta dishes. For something slightly unconventional there was a stall of Russian cuisine as well Sushi and Indian delights coming from Asia. There were other restaurant favourites such as paella and fajitas and there was also a chance to try some fish and meat stews from Portuguese recipes.

For something a little more sweet you could have visited Jacqui’s homemade Sweetshop or bought some lovely cakes from some of the other stalls. For something more European, you could have tried some Belgian Waffles or some Spanish Churros and been in awe of the amazing Churro-making fryer from Churros-R-Us.co.uk. With the choice of sugar or cinnamon and a helping of chocolate sauce, these doughnut style sticks tasted so sweet and were almost sickly but you would still go back for more.

There was so much going on over the weekend, words don’t really do it justice. There were so many stalls that it’d be impossible to mention them all singularly but hopefully this gallery gives you a bit of an insight to the celebration of food that was enjoyed by all in Weston-Super-Mare.


The Grove Bistro – Weston Super Mare

The Pavilion Refurbishment & Beefeater Spring/Summer Menu




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