Hula Hoops Pufts

HULA Hoops have created a new, lighter, puffier version of their famous ringed crisps, Hula Hoops Pufts. KP Snacks have done a good job of creating a fun looking brand and its childlike design could almost make it look like Hula Hoops’ younger sibling. It’s other main grabbing point is that it is a healthier option which seems to be a recent drive from the crisp manufacturers. They currently come in three flavours; salted, cheese and salt & vinegar, which are the standard crisp flavours from a new brand.

The main issue with new crisps is that although branding can be original and innovative, new crisp flavours are a lot harder to make and to be original. Unfortunately that’s the case here. The puffy texture of the crisps is certainly something different compared to the hard, satisfying crunch of normal hula hoops and although they are extremely nice the flavours are all things we’ve tasted before. The salted flavour tastes exactly like another KP Snacks food, the children’s, and some adults’, favourite; Pom-Bears. This would suggest that KP Snacks haven’t thought too far out of the box to find their new puffed, salted snack. The cheese flavour also tastes like another household favourite, but this time they’ve visited Walkers HQ to recreate Quavers. The imitation doesn’t stop at taste here though as the Pufts look pretty much exactly the same as what joined up Quavers would. The salt and vinegar Pufts taste like the now seemingly defunct, with no shops on selling it, salt and vinegar Quavers. This makes them slightly more original in a way and if you used to be a fan of the salt and vinegar Quavers, you’ll very much enjoy these.  With the taste being equal to some household favourites already, Pufts must be better value for money and/or healthier than their equivalents in order to gain a solid place in the market, so are they:

Puft Salted                                                                       Pom-Bear Original

Price: 96p (6x15g Pack) – Asda                                         Price: £1.00 (6x19g Pack) – Poundland/Iceland/Ocado

Calories: 72 per pack                                                        Calories: 95 per pack

Puft Cheese                                                                     Quavers

Price: 96p (6x15g Pack) – Asda                                         Price:99p (6x19g Pack) – Aldi (available in a 12 pack)

Calories: 71 per pack                                                        Calories: 85 per pack

Puft Salt & Vinegar

Price: 96p (6x15g Pack) – Asda

Calories: 72 per pack

It would seem that price wise there isn’t a lot to choose between the comparisons. However there are lot fewer calories in Pufts so if you like the taste of Pom-Bears and Quavers but are looking for a healthier option, the Pufts are the way to go.

Would We Buy Again (/5) – Salted: 5 Cheese: 4 Salt & Vinegar: 4


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