Doritos Roulette

WE’VE all done it. We’ve all sat around the kitchen table, picked up a piece of chocolate and waited in anticipation. We’ve taken a taste and felt relieved that it’s not us, looked around the table to see whose face has scrunched up in ways no-one thought possible and laughed at their hilarious misfortune.

For those who haven’t had this experience, you’ve clearly not picked up a box and played a game of chocolate roulette. If you haven’t, there’s roughly about 12 chocolates in a box and one of them is filled with chilli which burns ferociously in your mouth and produces the aforementioned facial expressions.

Doritos have taken it upon themselves to reinvent this ‘game’ by creating Doritos Roulette, but this time nobody wins. There’s supposed to be a mixture of cheesy Doritos and some extremely spicy ones. If you think that they’d only be like Chilli Heatwave Doritos and they taste quite pleasant so how spicy can these be, think again.

It starts out quite fun, awaiting the anticipation of a really spicy crisp. This tension gets increased with the flavouring. Being in a bag, all the flavouring gets mixed together during transportation so all of the crisps contain a bit of a tingle. They’re quite nice like this and because it tingles you think that that’s all that they will throw at you. Because you think like this, you start enjoying the crisps and relaxing a bit more but then you find the actual spicy crisp. If you have already tried them or you are tempted to try them, you will definitely know when you have had one of the spicy crisps.

It just burns. It burns worse than the chocolate and because there’s supposedly one in every handful there is just no escape. If you can go through a bag of these without finishing a bottle of milk, then you are a very hardy bunch of people. In all honesty, the crisps aren’t nice when you start battling with the fire but Doritos know that the selling point of these isn’t for the taste, it’ll be because of the game and humour aspect with mates all daring each other to try them. If you are curious then try them, but they are definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Calories – 150 per 30g ‘serving’ (902 per 180g bag)

Price – 65p ALDI

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 1


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