Homepride – Cheesy Pasta Bake

HOMEPRIDE have launched a new cheese sauce to add to their pasta bake range and in all fairness, it left a sour taste. Everyone knows that adding cheese usually just improves things so when this new sauce came along, the excitement was clear to see. Pasta bake is one of the most easiest dishes to create; bung the pasta in the oven, add sauce and then let it bake to perfection. As there are only two ingredients to work with, there is only one thing that can make this dish taste bad and unfortunately this cheese sauce was a little off the mark.

In terms of strength, this sauce would probably lie towards the mature side of the scale but it doesn’t really taste cheesy. It may have been the cooking, although the recipe was followed accordingly, but the sauce did actually taste quite sour and, with just pasta alone, it really was an unsatisfactory dish. The feeling is that this cheese sauce would probably taste better if it was mixed in with like a lasagne or a bolognese type dish. The sourness of the sauce would be neutralised by the vegetables and the meat and this would probably leave the cheesy texture covering the pasta and minced beef, or any other meat you wish to choose. Until this attempted, Homepride’s cheese sauce may not be their proudest moment.

Price: 79p (ALDI & Morrisons)

Calories: Per 125g (Quarter of Jar): 128 – Per Jar: 512

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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4 thoughts on “Homepride – Cheesy Pasta Bake

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