J20 Spritz

J2O HAVE increased their Summer itinerary by creating three spritzer style drinks, all non-alcoholic, and very refreshing. The new flavours are Pear & Raspberry, Peach & Apricot and Apple & Watermelon. They all come in a Shloer style tall glass bottle and would look the part on any garden table.

J2O have split their Apple & Raspberry flavour and remarried them to other fruits in creating these drinks. However the Pear & Raspberry Spritz doesn’t taste too dissimilar to the original J2O flavour and this is perhaps the most disappointing of the three. All of them contain a distinct taste of soda but it is more prominent in the Pear & Raspberry and this unfortunately overpowers the taste. If it was less soda-like and more flavoursome like the soft style J2O this would have been really nice.

The Peach & Apricot flavour doesn’t have the same problem. The soda mixes much better with the fruity flavours and this creates a fizzy fruit drink rather than a flavoured soda. As the fruits involved are quite similar they mix together nicely which makes the taste much smoother and slightly moreish. It’s ‘exotic’ flavour definitely heightens the fact that these drinks are made for the Summer sunshine.

Perhaps the most peculiar of the three, the Apple & Watermelon flavour is potentially the nicest and the most summery. This also doesn’t seem to have as much of a soda taste like the Apple & Raspberry flavour. Whilst drinking this, you’ll get more of a taste of the apple but it does contain a very nice watermelon after-taste. As both juice and watermelon contain water as key element, this is definitely the most juice like and it can’t be stressed enough how good these will look on the garden table while you enjoy a barbecue in the glorious sunshine.

Calories: Pear & Raspberry – 22 per 100ml (165 per bottle) Peach & Apricot – 21 per 100ml (157.5 per bottle) Apple & Watermelon – 23 per 100ml (172.5 per bottle)

Price: Pear & Raspberry – £1.50 (Sainsbury’s) Peach & Apricot – £1.50 (Sainsbury’s) Apple & Watermelon – £1.50 (Sainsbury’s)

Would We Buy Again (/5): Pear & Raspberry – 2 Peach & Apricot – 3 Apple & Watermelon – 3


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