Pringles Tortillas

PRINGLES have launched a new snack range to rival Doritos; Pringles Totillas. They have ditched potato for corn to create new snacks in four different flavours: Original, Sour Cream, Spicy Chilli and Nacho Cheese. All of them come in the famous Pringles style can but look and feel very different.The tortillas are the same shape of any normal Pringle but are noticeably smaller. But this doesn’t affect the flavour and all four creations are worth a try. The only negative side to this snack is that they are quite dry on their own. This may be because they could perhaps do with a bit more flavouring or it could just be because of the nature of corn snacks. However, the television advert does ask customers to try them with or without dip and dip certainly erodes the dryness problem.

The safe option is always to try the Original flavour and these seem to taste like the normal Pringle equivalent. The only difference in taste that was apparent was that the Tortilla seemed to taste less salty, and that can only be good for you, right? These are quite moreish despite the corny taste and texture making them slightly dry. If you are not a fan of a corny after taste, you may want to avoid the Sour Cream flavour as these seem to be worse than the Original flavour. However the taste of the Sour Cream flavour is much like the normal Pringle equivalent with a slight hint of Dortios’ Cool Original flavour, so if you like both of those you should be guaranteed to like these.

The corny base does make these Pringles look more like Doritos, except in the shape of a Pringle. The Nacho Cheese flavour does seem like a copy of Doritos’ famous Cheese brand but there is also a hint of Pringles’ Cheesy Cheese flavour in there. The most flavourful of the Pringles’ Tortillas has to be the Spicy Chilli ones but don’t get put off by the name. A lot of people dislike hot flavours, even in crisps, but these are really nice. They seem to have quite a cheesy taste and has they only leave the tongue tingling slightly afterwards. They don’t set the mouth on fire by any stretch and they are actually really pleasant.

It’d probably be fair to say that these Tortillas are almost like Pringles’ Mexican cousin. They are certainly worth a try even if it’s just for the novelty. If you feel like the corny texture might be too dry for you, use a sour cream, cheese & chive, nacho cheese or even a guacamole dip and it will make it a very pleasant experience. Hey, you could even cheat on Pringles and use a Doritos dip, just don’t tell anyone! Pringles seem to be at the heart of any party or snacking event and these new Tortillas could easily hold their own here.

Price: Nacho Cheese – 65p (ALDI) Spicy Chilli – 65p (ALDI) Original – 46p (ALDI) Sour Cream – 65p (ALDI)

Calories: Nacho Cheese – 472 per 100g (850 per can) Spicy Chilli – 474 per 100g (853 per can) Original – 479 per 100g (862 per can) Sour Cream – 477 per 100g (859 per can)

Would We Buy Again (/5): Nacho Cheese – 4 Original – 4 Sour Cream – 3


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