Quorn Meat Free Pork Pies

QUORN are arguably the leading name in meat free food products and have tried boosting their sales with Olympian Mo Farah heading their advertising campaign. Their latest release comes in the form of meat free pork pies.

Firstly, from a semantic point of view, the terminology used by Quorn can take a little time to get your had around. By definition, pork is meat that comes from a pig. So, in theory, there cannot be such a thing as a meat free pork pie even if the foodstuff is shaped and marketed in the same form. It is however probably the easiest way to sell such a product without either a long winded product name that wouldn’t fit on the packaging or completely creating a divide between the carnivores and the vegetarians.

All of that aside, what does it actually taste like? Well it’s actually quite nice. The taste between the mycoprotein Quorn product and regular pork pies is rather different but the crust is largely the same. The crust is slightly hard which makes it chewier but it doesn’t harm the taste. Although the filling isn’t exactly flavoursome, it’s not tasteless by any means. The only downside is that these pies are a bit dry towards end which might be because it doesn’t contain the jelly that regular pork pies have. Overall though if you are a vegetarian, these are definitely worth trying.

Calories: 218

Price: £1.70 (Ocado) – Pack of Two

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1 (If we were vegetarian – 5)


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