BBQ Pulled Pork Pizzas

BBQ PULLED pork has become very much a food trend recently as our friends from across the pond continue to invade the tastebuds of the British with their taste sensations. Some attempts have been unsuccessful but BBQ pulled pork is one that has really caught on with various restaurants and branded food manufacturers not just selling it, but even rebranding it and putting their own spin on the American delicacy.

The latest attempt at incorporating pulled pork seems to have been in the world of pizzas. This is a list of four BBQ pulled pork pizzas that have been released recently by different companies, in reverse order:

4. Chicago Town – The Deep Dish Pulled Porkchicago town deep dish pulled pork

Now it’s a little unfair to have a mini pizza competing with regular pizzas as there really is no contest. The issue with mini pizzas is that the flavour is condensed. Because of this they don’t tend to taste how they should and the sauce usually overpowers the toppings which is unfortunate.

This is sadly the case here, there’s a promised BBQ sizzle in every bite and there is, but that’s about it. Chicago Town’s barbecue sauce tends to be more sweet than smoky which makes it sharper. You can’t really taste the meat and the onion that is also on it was largely non-existent. When you could taste it, the onion was soft like it is when it is in a lasagne. Overall though this is a very disappointing attempt, even if you do get two inside a pack.

Price: £1 (Tesco & Iceland) Two for £2 (ASDA)

Calories: 404 per pizza

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2

3. Chicago Town – The Takeaway BBQ Pulled PorkChicago Town The Takeaway pulled pork

It’s not looking good for Chicago Town. This may be because Chicago isn’t in the Deep South, where BBQ pulled pork apparently originated from. Whatever the reason, their pulled pork just isn’t cutting it. The crust itself was light and very doughy with the signature stuffed crust you’d expect. Again the pulled pork was sweet rather than smoky which makes the taste unlike the familiar pulled pork taste Britain is slowly becoming accustomed to.

Without the sauce, the pork itself was actually rather dry and tasteless. Unlike the mini pizza, this incarnation has more of an onion taste and isn’t overpowered by the sauce. The onion is largely the same; soft and slightly rubbery. Because of this, the pizza didn’t taste like pulled pork and, disappointingly, it could have been any other pizza.

Price: £2.50 (Iceland)

Calories: 1660 per pizza

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3

2. Goodfella’s – Deep Baked Pan BBQ Pulled Porkgoodfellas bbq pulled pork

Out of the three, this tastes the most like pulled pork, hence why it sits at number two. If this was based on value for money, this probably would be number one. It’s signature deep doughy base is light and fluffy as you bite in to it. The BBQ taste is still sweet rather than smoky but the pork is a bit more tender and flavourful. With this pizza you can tell that it’s an attempt at a pulled pork pizza and it is pulled off quite nicely here, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Price: £1.50 (Tesco & Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 976 per pizza

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3

1. Pizza Hut – BBQ Pulled Pork Deluxepizza hut pulled pork

If this was about price or calorie intake, Pizza Hut’s rendition wouldn’t be at number one. But for the sheer indulgence factor, size and taste, this has to be the number one. The pulled pork flavour does taste like you would expect but the only downside to it is the base. Obviously you can choose to have a BBQ base if you wish otherwise it’ll come with the standard tomato base.

The richness of the tomato doesn’t combine with the BBQ very well and this leaves a strange taste in the mouth. If you’re going to get this, definitely get the BBQ base as this will combine much better and won’t alter the taste.

The big difference with Pizza Hut’s pizza is that along with onion, they have added pepperoni which makes it more meaty. This mixes with the pork nicely to make a BBQ meat feast type pizza.

Price: £17.49

Calories: 2190 per large standard crust pizza

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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