Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Core

EVERYONE’S favourite foodie couple have introduced three new fascinating ice cream creations, each containing their superior taste and ingenuity. Cookie Core is an adaptation of their popular Core series by adding cookie pieces in the ice cream and basing their cores on different cookie tastes. The three flavours; Utter Peanut Butter Clutter, Speculoos? Specu-Love and What-a-Lotta Chocolate, contain the usual tempting Ben & Jerry’s names with the added intrigue of what some of them actually contain.

Utter Butter Peanut Clutter is unsurprisingly a peanut butter flavoured ice cream. It does actually taste like Snickers ice cream which is very nice, if you are a fan of Snickers. The cookie pieces are crunchy and slightly malted which feels more like a biscuit than a cookie, it almost mixes Snickers with Maltersers without the chocolate. So if you like these, you’ll certainly enjoy this combination. The core itself is slightly salted but it doesn’t take any of the sweetness away and in fact it makes it rather moreish.

Like the question mark suggests, Speculoos? Specu-Love needed some researching . It turns out that Speculoos is a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit typically consumed for the feast of St. Nicholas in the Netherlands and Belgium and also Christmas in Germany. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom and white pepper are commonly used in these biscuits and the knowledge of this slightly changes the review of this ice cream. The product itself is extremely nice and arguably the best of the three, it was certainly the quickest eaten. The soft core tastes a lot like Millionaire’s Shortbread with a smooth caramel indulgence. Like the Utter Butter Peanut Clutter, you have to imagine the incarnations without the chocolate, stripped down if you will. But the caramel core mixes nicely with the caramel ice cream, it’s almost like eating golden syrup at times as it is so sweet. There are crunchy biscuit pieces included but that’s probably the closest it comes to imitating Speculoos. That makes this ice cream a bad imitation but I think you’ll forgive it when you taste just how good it is.

What-a-Lotta Chocolate probably doesn’t require an explanation and is certainly one for chocoholics. It seems that chocolate ice cream can be hit and miss so if you don’t really like chocolate ice cream, you probably won’t enjoy this. If you do like chocolate ice cream then you will enjoy it as it does taste like traditional chocolate ice cream. The cookies here are very soft and melted despite the dessert being frozen. The chocolate cookies are met with a melted chocolate core that still tastes like a cookie. If you have a sweet tooth then this could be the one for you.

As with all Ben & Jerry’s, even though they are arguably the most indulgent and nicest tubs of ice cream, they can only really be enjoyed when the price is lowered. It’s one of those brands that are only bought as a treat.


Uttter Peanut Butter Clutter – 1315 per 500ml tub (263 per 100ml)

Speculoos? Specu-Love – 1285 per 500ml (257 per 100ml)

What-a-Lotta Chocolate – 1230 per 500ml (246 per 100ml)


Utter Peanut Butter Clutter – £2.50 (Sainsbury’s)

Speculoos? Specu-Love – £2.50 (Sainsbury’s)

What-a-Lotta Chocolate – £2.50 (Sainsbury’s)

Would We Buy Again (/5)

Utter Peanut Butter Clutter – 3

Speculoos? Specu-Love – 4

What-a-Lotta Chocolate – 2


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