Birdseye Homebake Cheese & Onion Rolls

BIRDSEYE have released their version of the vegetarian alternative to the sausage roll, the Homebake Cheese & Onion Roll.

These puff pastry snacks come in boxes of four and, overall, they’re rather disappointing. They didn’t really rise in the oven and they aren’t particularly filled which meant there wasn’t that satisfying pastry crunch you get when biting into them.

They are nice but there isn’t really much of a cheese and onion taste and the lack of filling would put a lot of people off buying these and choosing a rival brand instead.

If you want a small snack then these can work and if you like cheese and onion rolls but without a strong taste then these would be a good pick for you. If you’re not a vegetarian then maybe stick with the sausage rolls from Birdseye but, taste wise, there is nothing wrong with these.

Calories – 240 per roll

Price – £1 (Iceland)

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 1


Quorn Meat Free Pork Pies

Weston Super Food Festival 2015


5 thoughts on “Birdseye Homebake Cheese & Onion Rolls

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