Drench Juicy Spring Water – Pear & Blueberry

DRENCH have released a new flavour, Pear and Blueberry, and it’s a mix that you probably wouldn’t think would go together.

It’s not an equal mix though as there is four percent more pear juice than blueberry juice so it’s probably not a surprise that the drink is slightly sour. It’s not as sour as you’d imagine though as the blueberry does a good job of neutralising the pear and overall the drink is quite pleasant which a slight acidic kick.

The main taste of this drink though is liquorice so if you like your Liquorice Allsorts then you’ll like this to wash them down with.

Calories – 84.84 per 440ml bottle

Price – £1 (Poundland)

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 2


Lucozade Grafruiti

Capri-Sun BanApple


2 thoughts on “Drench Juicy Spring Water – Pear & Blueberry

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