Jammie Bakes

THESE have been out for a little while now but the makers of Jammie Dodgers have created a sibling; Jammie Bakes. Gone is the hard biscuit and the heart-shaped hole in the middle and in comes a soft centred cake-style biscuit that would easily go with a nice cup of tea.

Jammie Bakes come in the original raspberry flavour and also another favourite jam-inspired flavour; apricot. The biscuits themselves look more like ginger nuts without the cracks but are a lot softer. They taste very buttery which is perfect for a soft biscuit like these which makes them very moreish. The crust of the biscuit is naturally hard, otherwise the biscuit would fall apart, but this provides a slight crunch before you get to the melt in the middle centre.

The raspberry flavour doesn’t actually taste like the original Jammie Dodgers like you would expect but this adds a sense of individuality to the Bakes. The jam is still stringy which gives the satisfactory sense of pulling the jam from the biscuit or leaving it hanging out of the bitten side. The apricot flavour is fruitier which adds more of a dessert feel to the biscuit but both are equally nice and could even potentially overthrow the Jammie Dodger.

Price: Raspberry – 40p (Tesco) Apricot – 40p (Tesco)

Calories: Raspberry – 67.5 per biscuit Apricot – 67.5 per biscuit

Would We Buy Again (/5): Raspberry – 3 Apricot – 2


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