Kellogg’s Squares – Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up & Salted Caramel

A LOT of companies tend to create new products by regurgitating old lines and giving them a different spin. Kellogg’s are the latest company to do this with their two new recent Squares creations.

Squares have torn apart a couple of their original recipes and amalgamated them with each other in order to create Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up and Salted Caramel, two new ideas that have had mixed success. Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up has been out for a few months now and it has taken the chocolate topping from their Chocolate Caramel bars and placed them on the original Marshmallow Rice Krispies Base. This is a nice twist of their two oldest flavours and the taste of chocolate is definitely the most prominent here. There is a hint of the marshmallow base and this is arguably a mixture that a lot of people would have wanted to happen sooner. The two sweet flavours go together nicely and this ‘Mash-Up’ fits in with the Squares family.

Their most recent release sees Kellogg’s follow the massive American trend by creating their own Salted Caramel version. This one is slightly more disappointing though as there is no taste of salt whatsoever. This very much defeats the objective but it does look like the Chocolate Caramel bar without the chocolate toppings. Despite its looks, it actually tastes more like the original Marshmallow flavour with a slight hint of that dark caramel. In terms of taste, it is quite nice and what you expect from a Squares bar. But in terms of the product that Squares are trying to sell, it doesn’t achieve the Salted Caramel taste and therefore if it is a Salted Caramel product you are after, you might be better trying something else.


Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up: 74p – Pack of Four (Morrisons)

Salted Caramel: £1 – Pack of Four (Asda)


Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up: 158 per bar

Salted Caramel: 122 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5)

Choc-Marshmallow Mash-up: 3

Salted Caramel: 1


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4 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Squares – Choc-Marshmallow Mash-Up & Salted Caramel

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