Kettle Chips – Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup

EVERY so often there comes a flavour that sounds so weird that you have to try them. Kettle Chips have done that here by releasing a Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup flavour packet of crisps.

The combination itself isn’t particularly new as the Canadians and Americans absolutely adore this pairing on things like pancakes and it is arguably the original sweet meets salty phenomenon. If you haven’t tried this combination then you really should as the crisp and saltiness of the bacon is met with the treacle coloured syrup that oozes sweetness to bring out a really moreish taste that really stands out.

As a lot of crisp manufacturers tend to stick with the same meaty or cheesy flavours, this rendition from Kettle Chips, as well as its bright pink packaging, certainly catches the eye. There are a lot of experiments with sweet chilli going on in the snack world right now, but a salty sweet mixture is certainly treading very uncommon ground and Kettle Chips need to be applauded for thinking outside of the box.

Upon opening the packet there’s an unsurprising smell of smoky bacon crisps. But whereas a lot of crisp combination flavours tend to only taste of one flavour, these do actually taste sweet to contradict the smell of bacon. After the initial sweet taste, the saltiness of the crisp kicks in and the familiar mixed taste you were expecting happens. Being a crisp, the taste is quite odd but if don’t mind the salty sweet taste these are definitely worth trying and are actually quite nice.

Price – 99p (Waitrose)

Calories – 519 per 100g (778.5 per 150g bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 2


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4 thoughts on “Kettle Chips – Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup

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