Nescafe Shakissimo

NESCAFE have joined the iced coffee revolution by bringing two flavours of their Shakissimo brand, Latte Cappuccino and Light Skinny Latte, to our shores.

Shakissimo Light Skinny LatteDepending on whether you want a hit of coffee or a caffeinated chocolate flavour drink, these two drinks can suit Shakissimo Latte Cappuccinoeither mood. Both drinks are thick and creamy and actually taste very nice despite their differences. If you’re a fan of the bitter taste of coffee then you will prefer the Light Skinny Latte. It is milky as it is an iced coffee drink but the hit of coffee is quite strong and is very likely to wake you up if you need it.

If you like your coffee, or iced coffee, but don’t like the bitterness of it then the Latte Cappuccino will be the Shakissimo to choose. The hint of coffee is still there but it is masked by the creamy, chocolatey taste. The only criticism of these is probably that the bottles are too small. At 190ml, these drinks don’t last too long which is a shame as they are a really nice form of iced coffee.


Latte Cappuccino – 169

Light Skinny Latte – 93


Latte Cappuccino – £1.00 (Sainsbury’s)

Light Skinny Latte – £1.00 (Sainsbury’s & Poundland)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Latte Cappuccino – 4

Light Skinny Latte – 3



Capri-Sun BanApple

Lucozade Grafruitti 


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