Ritz Crisp and Thin

IT APPEARS that the cracker crisp is becoming something of a competitive market within the snack sector as a few of the major companies are releasing their different renditions. The latest of these are Ritz with their creation; Crisp and Thin.

Released in four flavours, Cream Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Sweet Red Chilli and Sea Salt & Vinegar, Crisp and Thin overall are very hit and miss which is very disappointing as their premise is very exciting. Like the name suggests, these crisps are thin and baked which, unsurprisingly, gives it a crisp nature. They are very similar to a traditional snack that came in the same sort of packet as Cheese Savouries, they were salted and very nice. With this in mind, it was hopeful that these would be the same but unfortunately it was not the case and Ritz potentially missed a trick here.

They have the same texture as Walkers Stars and products within that ilk. The problem with these is that if you eat a few at a time a stodgy build-up gets created in the mouth which can put quite a lot of people off. Flavouring, especially if it’s long lasting, can sometimes help the problem but it’s down to personal preference as to whether you like this texture or not.

Out of the four, two hit the scale quite highly with them being nice and moreish but the other two hit the scale really lowly as they just aren’t that nice. The first flavour that falls in to the latter category is the Cream Cheese & Onion. The main issue with this flavour is that there really isn’t any flavour. There is a slight onion taste to these but it’s unlike any Cheese & Onion flavour crisp done before. The lack of flavour made the stodginess more prominent in these which left the palette getting really bored very quickly.

Perhaps the most disappointing of the four flavours was Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Where the Cream Cheese & Onion variety had little flavouring, these had far too much flavouring. The taste of salt was extremely overpowering which makes these hard to eat. Normally this flavour of crisp would contain a hint of black pepper to give them a slight kick to them but these seemed to be coated in it. If the salty taste wasn’t enough to put you off, the burning sensation in the mouth from the pepper certainly will. If these were lightly salted with just a hint of pepper, these probably would have been really nice and moreish and it’s a shame that it hasn’t happened here.

But Ritz didn’t get it all wrong. The other two flavours were extremely nice and somewhat save this brand. The Sweet Red Chilli flavour smells like Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch and they do taste very similar to them as well. The main difference is obviously the potato being baked and the difference in the kind of crunch you get when biting into the two products. The chilli does make the mouth tingle slightly but nowhere near enough to become off putting. The slight tingle actually encourages you to eat more. If they’d have done with that the pepper, the results could have easily been the same.

Arguably the nicest of the four though was the old school Sea Salt & Vinegar flavour. They were slightly frightening to begin though as when you open them you are hit with the strong smell of vinegar. It’s potentially stronger than McCoy’s and if you dislike the way they make your eyes water you would natural worry about eating these. However the smell seems to be a bit of a façade. The salt slightly neutralises the vinegar and there’s no sharpness in the flavour nor a horrible salty taste like the Sea Salt & Black Pepper flavour. The mixture here is just right and tastes very nice. These are extremely moreish and if you’re only looking to buy one of these flavours, these would be the ones to go for if you like your Salt & Vinegar.


Cream Cheese & Onion – Per 30g Serving/Single Bag: 135 (Per 100g Sharing Bag: 450)

Sea Salt & Black Pepper – Per 30g Serving/ Single Bag: 134 (Per 100g Sharing Bag: 446.6)

Sweet Red Chilli – Per 30g Serving/ Single Bag: 135 (Per 100g Sharing Bag: 450)

Sea Salt & Vinegar – Per 30g Serving/ Single Bag: 134 (Per 100g Sharing Bag: 446.6)


Cream Cheese & Onion – £1 (Sainsbury’s, Morrisons & Poundworld Plus)

Sea Salt & Black Pepper – £1 (Sainsbury’s & Morrisons)

Sweet Red Chilli – £1 (Sainsbury’s & Morrisons)

Sea Salt & Vinegar – £1 (Sainsbury’s & Morrisons)

Would We Buy Again (/5)

Cream Cheese & Onion – 1

Sea Salt & Black Pepper – 2

Sweet Red Chilli – 3

Sea Salt & Vinegar – 4


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