Snickers and Hazelnut

SOMETIMES a product comes along that although sounds nice, begs the question as to why it has been created. New Snickers & Hazelnut certainly falls into that category. It’s really hard to make a new taste sensation to a nutty product by adding more nuts.

Now chocolate and hazelnut seems to be a trend at the minute and it does work well usually. The inclusion of hazelnut here can give a very slight salty and roasted hint in some mouthfuls but it would be extremely difficult to tell the difference between these and original Snickers bars.

But essentially the peanuts and hazelnuts are competing with each other and Snickers may have been better getting rid of the peanuts and using hazelnuts instead. This would create a Hazelnut Snickers rather than a Snickers and Hazelnut product and would arguably make a different product. Due to the lack of a difference in taste, these are nice but not really worth going out to buy specially. They are available singularly and in packs of four.


Single Bar – 60p (Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s. Morrisons)

Pack of Four – £1 (Tesco, ASDA, Poundworld Plus)

Calories: 240 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


Cadbury Dairy Milk – Oat & Crunch

Aero Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse



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