Warburtons Giant Crumpets

FORGET the Coca-Cola advert, forget the Man in the Moon, forget Mog.

This year’s best festive period television advert has to be Warburtons’ Giant Crumpets. A big product needed a big name to help promote it and there’s few bigger than The Muppets. If you haven’t seen the ad yet, where have you been? Here it is in its full glory:

If that doesn’t sell you the product then nothing will.

Crumpets have long been a family breakfast, or even brunch, favourite and Warburtons have done absolutely nothing to the taste of their giant crumpets. Basically, if you love crumpets but have always thought they were a bit on the small side, these are absolutely perfect for you. They can still be toasted to your perfection and have butter just sink into them and ooze out of every bite.

There was a fear that these giant crumpets wouldn’t fit in a toaster but if anything these are much better. There’s no need to try and stab your fork into them and pull them out of the toaster whilst risking electric shock. This also prevents playing the fun game of pushing the plunger up as quick as possible to make the crumpets fly out, causing you to try and catch them on your plate. These giant crumpets are much easier to just pull from the toaster and enjoy.

The only disappointment with these is that they only come in packs of two. In terms of price that’s probably understandable but whereas a pack of six or eight normal crumpets could create a family meal or last a couple of days, a pack of two is just enough for one plate and one mouth. But who can say no to Kermit?

Price – 50p (pack of two): ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Iceland

Calories – 187 per crumpet

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 4


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