Hartley’s What’s Your Flavour Jelly

CALLING all you creatively thinking jelly lovers. Hartley’s have given you the power and the tools to create your own flavour jelly.

So if you’re bored of the traditional jelly flavours, grab a pouch of the Hartley’s mix and raid your fridge or kitchen cupboards and turn your favourite tipple into a jelly. You can mix soft or fizzy drinks which makes the possibilities virtually endless.

The pouches come in packs of two and unlike other posts, this one will have to be more subjective as our jelly creations will be different to your jelly creations and everyone’s results will differ. As most jellies use soft flavours, we decided to make a Fanta Fruit Twist and a Ginger Ale jelly as these were in our fridge at the time.

The pouches come with simple instructions where you have to stir the mix into boiling water before adding your beverage and stirring until the mix is dissolved. You then have to let the mixture set in the fridge.

The colourful Fanta Fruit Twist jelly.

The colourful Fanta Fruit Twist jelly.

As ingenious as this idea is our results lead us to believe that the recipe needs a little tweaking. After two days,

Our colourless and tasteless Ginger Ale jelly.

Our colourless and tasteless Ginger Ale jelly.

the jellies still hadn’t set completely and was rather watery. Despite the colours looking good, the mix tasted far too bland. We couldn’t really taste the Fanta or Ginger Ale and, in comparison with other natural jellies, it was rather flavourless. This could be because the mix doesn’t work as well with fizzy drinks but as the pouch states that you can use any drink, this cannot be an excuse. Perhaps there needs to either be less water or more of your chosen drink to make this jelly more enjoyable. We hope you fare better because this is a really great idea by Hartley’s and could lead to quite a lot of experimental fun if you can get it right.

Price – 70p (pack of two) – Sainsbury’s

Calories – (Will vary due to what drink you choose) 15 per pouch mix

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 1


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