Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns

EVERYONE’S favourite foodie couple have brought one of their favourites from across the pond and into our homes and it could well turn out to be one their best, and most moreish.

Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns has dropped its Vermont’s finest from its label but kept the recipe and offer a shed load of cinnamon for your palate. The best way to describe this ice cream is that it tastes the same as the old Cinnamon Grahams, now Curiously Cinnamon, cereal. So if you loved those you’ll love this.

The creation has been in freezers across America since 2007 and now the caramel ice cream accompanied with a cinnamon swirl and lots of cinnamon bun dough pieces has finally found its way over here. Every mouthful gives a real sugary taste and attempts to relive the classic sweet Swedish pastry dish. With the ice cream so soft and the flavour so strong, it’s really hard to put the spoon down and the lid almost has to be padlocked down.

As with all Ben & Jerry’s flavours, they’re at their best when they are on offer. Unless you possess a real sweet tooth, absolutely adore cinnamon or really admire the work that Ben & Jerry do, it’d be worth waiting for these when supermarkets have them on offer. But when you do try them you won’t regret it and just see how hard you find it to put the spoon down.

Price: £2 – Morrisons

Calories: 247 per 100ml/ 2 Scoops (1235 per full-size tub)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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