Shloer Apple & Blackberry Punch

THE NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks specialists have released a limited edition flavour to help you celebrate the festive period.

Apple and Blackberry Punch is the new flavour incorporated by Shloer and it fits the brand very nicely.

Initially, this drink tastes like Shloer’s Red Grape which could have been the base for this flavour. However, unlike the Red Grape flavour, Apple and Blackberry Punch tastes quite fruity and tangy. There is a slight hint of a Ribena style taste which is probably natural considering the fruits involved.

Shloer drinks tend to be very nice and flavourful and the added fizz easily helps them to become an alcohol substitution. This new Apple and Blackberry Punch flavour could potentially become a Shloer favourite as it gives something different to the grape flavours and goes down very nicely.

Price: £1 (ASDA & Morrisons)

Calories: 42 per 100ml (315 per 750ml bottle)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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