Caramac Giant Buttons

NESTLE’S unique chocolate bar has downsized and been shaped into giant buttons to join the trend of the chocolate sharing bag.

If you enjoy Caramac then you’ll like these new buttons as there’s no difference to the creamy taste. The difference, other than the shape, is that there is now the opportunity to enjoy Caramac in bitesize portions, although there isn’t anybody who has had a Caramac bar and been able to put it down before eating the whole lot.

For those who haven’t had a Caramac before, this could be a good opportunity to try them as you wouldn’t have to eat the equivalent of a whole bar if you didn’t want to. If you are unaware, Caramac is Nestle’s caramel flavoured bar that partly shares its name with its original manufacturer, Mackintosh. It has a very sweet and creamy taste and if you’re a big lover of caramel you’ll find these very moreish and now you have the option of eating Caramac from a sharing pouch.

Price: £1 (Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado)

Calories: 109 (per ten buttons) 594 (per 110g sharing bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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3 thoughts on “Caramac Giant Buttons

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