J2O Midnight Forest & Midnight Amber

IN THE WORDS of Michael Jackson; ‘It’s Close To Midnight.’

And J2O have released two new thrilling flavours to wet the appetite as the nights continue to draw in. Midnight Forest and Midnight Amber are two completely contrasting mixes and it’s highly likely that you’ll probably like one more than the other depending on your own individual tastes. The two bottles come in very artistic designs with Midnight Forest being in a darker, more earthy surround. As for Midnight Amber, it’s bright orange design could certainly add some colour to your dark winter and help you to reminisce about sitting in the Summer sun.

Midnight Forest is a combination of Orange, Chocolate and Cherry and this caused a bit of anxiety. It’s well known that chocolate has always been a good flavour for dairy drinks but doesn’t really mix well with watery, juice drinks. However J2O have actually done a pretty good job with the chocolate equation by simply not using very much of it. Out of the three flavours, orange is the most prominent but the usual refreshing citrus flavour is nullified by the cherry. Strangely enough though there is a taste of chocolate orange in parts which is rather unexpected and a weird concept to get from a drink. Despite it not really being refreshing, it is a pleasantly surprising drink and certainly something different which is always a good thing.

If you find summery, more citrus infused, drinks refreshing then you’ll definitely prefer Midnight Amber. With the combination of Orange, Lemon and Mandarin, it’s certainly going to add a zing to your lips. With its bright packaging, it certainly feels more like a summery drink and is perfect with ice. Initially, this drink tastes similar to Oasis’ Citrus Punch so if you find that refreshing you’ll certainly like this. There’s the sugary taste of orange which is given a tangy citrus flavour from the lemon and mandarin.

Both drinks are available at most big chain restaurants however only Midnight Forest is available in shops, in four packs, which is a real disappointment thus far. If you’re looking for something a bit different to drink with your Christmas meal, or you are avoiding alcohol, at least one of these will take your fancy.

Price: Midnight Forest – £2 (ASDA, Morrisons & Tesco) Midnight Amber –  N/A

Calories: Midnight Forest – 77 (per 275ml bottle) Midnight Amber –  75 (per 275ml bottle)

Would We Buy Again (/5): Midnight Forest – 2 Midnight Amber – 4


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