Muller De Luxe Corner – Irish Cream

LIQUEUR yoghurts have been the way for Muller’s De Luxe range and now they’ve added an Irish Cream variety to their repertoire.

Accompanied with a dark chocolate under layer and chocolate coated malt balls, this Irish Cream yoghurt will warm the mouth in that refreshing way people are used to when they finish off a meal with an Irish Cream drink.

The yoghurt, as it’s luxurious name suggests, is very whipped to make it extremely thick and creamy but soft at the same time. The dark chocolate mixes well with the kick of the Irish Cream but the only downside of this yoghurt is the malt balls. If you generally enjoy malted balls then you’ll still like these but, despite being crisp, they tended to soak up the yoghurt and just collapse on impact with the mouth. Whereas in some yoghurts you would get that nice crisp bite to alternate with the soft yoghurt, you don’t with these and that’s quite disappointing.

As with the rest of the De Luxe range, these can be purchased in packs of two.

Price – £1 (ASDA, Morrisons)

Calories –  241.8 (per yoghurt)

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 2


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3 thoughts on “Muller De Luxe Corner – Irish Cream

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