KP Reindeer Bites

CHRISTMAS has always been the perfect time for snacking. All the shelves were brimming with sharing bags and sharing tubs of various types of crisps and nuts and KP were very much at the heart of it.

Most famous for its nuts, KP has a very famous repertoire but they were responsible for one of the most festive new releases; Reindeer Bites. Coming in a sharing tub and in a Salt & Vinegar flavour, these Reindeer Bites aren’t nuts but they’re not quite crisps either which makes them rather unique and virtually impossible to compare them to anything.

They’re brown and almost look biscuit like with the salt and vinegar flavouring clearly visible, almost providing a frosty look. Looks can be deceiving though as there doesn’t taste like there’s as much flavouring as you can see and it’s rather disappointing. They get the mixture right as there’s no overly salty or overpowering tangy vinegar taste that burns the tongue, but there’s just not enough of it.

If there was more flavouring these would have been really moreish and potentially a favourite on the Boxing Day buffet table. But because there wasn’t, these bites left a rather bristly texture that only had a subtle hint of flavouring. The bristly texture feels slightly weird in the mouth but overall these are nice they just require more flavouring. A few other flavours might have been a good addition too.

Price: £1 (Ocado) – While stocks last

Calories: 133 (per 25g serving) 798 (per 150g tub)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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