Nescafe Cafe Menu Mint Mocha

ONE of the first festive products that was released towards the end of last year was sachets of mint mocha made by Nescafe.

Under their Cafe Menu brand, Nescafe looked to add another flavour to their seasonal range to offer an alternative to their returning Gingerbread Latte. For those who enjoy their coffee with that hint of sweet chocolate, this new Mint Mocha could easily become a Winter favourite and the perfect drink to warm up with during these long nights.

As previously mentioned in other posts, coffee is usually quite hard to review because everyone prefers their coffee in a different way. Some will prefer their coffee bitter or with a lot of sugar, some will like to put a lot of milk in it whereas others prefer it black. However, this Mint Mocha seems to taste better milkier as you don’t then scald the flavour away.

It’s one of those products that smells more flavourful than it actually is. It has a very minty aroma that instantly makes you think of Aero and After Eights. It doesn’t taste as minty as it smells, but you can actually taste the mint which makes it markedly different to their normal mocha products. Because of this difference, it’s definitely a nice addition to the range and one that should be popular during the Winter.

Price: £1 – box of eight sachets (ASDA, Poundland, Iceland)

Calories: 95 (per mug of coffee roughly)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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Nescafe Shakissimo


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