Shredded Wheat Apple Crumble & Cherry Bakewell

FOR those of you who are keeping up with their healthier eating New Year’s Resolution but are finding their breakfast options a bit bland, Shredded Wheat have released two new varieties with their mind set on dessert.

The hearty cereal is now available in Apple Crumble and Cherry Bakewell flavours and one is much better than the other. The Apple Crumble flavour is really disappointing and tastes nothing like the dessert. It actually just tastes like Honey Nut Shredded Wheat which can be bought in a bigger box for less money. There is an occasional taste of green apple but it is very rare. It gives that slithery crunch similar to Fruit and Nut which can also get stuck in your teeth easily which is normally really annoying to remove. Overall it’s a cereal that’s very similar to a flavour they already have and doesn’t offer the sweet tasting dessert flavour you hope for when eating it.

There is a stark contrast however with the Cherry Bakewell flavour as this is much more unique and much more enjoyable. Unlike the Apple Crumble flavour, the cereal bites have a crunchy topping which makes it more cake like. If the Apple Crumble flavour also had this, it may have made it slightly better to also have that cakey texture. The crunchy topping opposes the soft wheat and it’s fruity but sweet flavour really takes away the plainness of original Shredded Wheat.

Both cereals are available in resealable 360g bags. They are also nearly double the price of normal cereal brands which tend to come in boxes double the size. So if you’ve only the money to spend on one of these flavours, definitely try the Cherry Bakewell as it’s good for you and much more tasty.

Price: Apple Crumble – £2.43 (Morrisons) Cherry Bakewell – £2.43 (Morrisons)

Calories: Apple Crumble – 221 (average bowl with milk) Cherry Bakewell – 221 (average bowl with milk)

Would We Buy Again (/5): Apple Crumble – 1 Cherry Bakewell – 3


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