The Collective Gingerbread and Rhubarb & Vanilla Yoghurts

LIVE gourmet yoghurts seemed to be one of the hits of 2015 with brands like Onken and Arla Skyr growing in popularity.

Another one of those brands was The Collective with their wide range of flavours and some unique ideas. For those of you who aren’t aware, The Collective are a brand that originated in New Zealand, becoming the Kiwis’ best selling gourmet yoghurt company. In the UK, The Collective runs from a dairy in Somerset and uses fresh, natural yoghurt that’s gelatine free and vegetarian friendly.

One of their most recent limited edition additions to the range was their Gingerbread yoghurt and this proved to be quite a hit. Not being heavily experienced in the world of natural gourmet yoghurt, it was hard to know what to expect when looking at these big 500g tubs of yoghurt. Initially, this yoghurt tasted like a rhubarb yoghurt which, if you like rhubarb, was quite nice.

When you get to the syrup parts you are hit with the heating gingerbread flavour. This does actually make the yoghurt taste like a cake covered in yoghurt, making this yoghurt even more dessert like. This yoghurt is really thick and creamy and if you like the taste of gingerbread then you’ll find this very moreish.

Another one of The Collective’s recent creations was their Rhubarb & Vanilla flavour. If you prefer your yoghurt to be more sharp and citrus flavoured rather than sweet then this yoghurt will be more suited to you. This yoghurt is also really thick and creamy. The only ambiguity of this yoghurt is the supposed addition of Lemongrass. Unless it added to the sharpness of the yoghurt, you couldn’t really taste much other than rhubarb and the natural tasting yoghurt.

The only negative of The Collective is that it’s one of those brands that’s probably only worth buying when it is on offer. Luckily, it’s also one of those brands that tends to be on offer quite often in one flavour or another. Looking around, it seems like the Rhubarb & Vanilla flavour may not be in stores at the minute unfortunately.

Price: Gingerbread – £1 (Morrisons) Rhubarb & Vanilla – N/A

Calories: Gingerbread – 129 (per 100g) 645 (per 500g tub) Rhubarb & Vanilla – N/A

Would We Buy Again (/5): Gingerbread – 4 Rhubarb & Vanilla – 3


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