Actimel Honey & Lemon

IF YOU’VE managed to keep your healthy eating New Year’s Resolution so far, you’ve already done better than most.

But there’s still another 51 gruelling weeks left to go and if you’re finding these probiotic drinks beginning to taste a little bland or a little sour then Danone’s Actimel have released a new special edition that actually contains a bit of flavour. The Honey & Lemon flavour sounds slightly medicinal and it’s one of those ‘medicines’ that actually tastes quite nice.

Like most small probiotic drinks, it’s really hard to gauge the taste to know if it really does taste like Honey & Lemon. There’s a slight sugary taste inside this thicker feeling drink and the sourness you taste in the original flavoured probiotic drinks isn’t apparent. Making these less painful to drink one a day. These are available in the usual Actimel packs of eight.

Price: £2.50 (Sainsbury’s & Waitrose) – Two for £4 in Sainsbury’s

Calories: 75 (per 100g bottle)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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