Muller Corner – Italian Dream Sicilian Lemon

THE YOGHURT industry certainly seems to be one of the quickest moving markets with more and more unique creations being released.

Alongside their American inspired corner, Muller also went European and released an Italian Dream, Sicilian Lemon, flavour. This is perhaps a more summery yoghurt and a nice addition to their fruitier corners. The most distinct quality of this yoghurt is the fact that it’s not sour which you would have probably expected.

The yoghurt is the same as any original Muller corner. The corner comes with a lemon puree which tastes like lemon curd. So if you’re a fan of Lemon Curd on your toast then you’ll certainly enjoy this yoghurt. The puree is also quite syrup like which adds to the thickness of the yoghurt and overall makes it a very smooth and tasty yoghurt. All you need now is the sun and sea of Sicily.

Price: 65p (ASDA)

Calories: 169.5 per 150g yoghurt

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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Muller De Luxe Corner – Irish Cream


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