Powerade Berry & Tropical

ONE OF the biggest annoyances amongst consumers is when a company changes, improves or updates their products with the belief that they can better themselves. But 99% of the time these companies get it completely wrong and ruin a once loved product.

The latest big name to do this is Coca-Cola with their rebranding of the Tropical Powerade flavour. In their infinite wisdom, they have added a berry flavour to their electric blue nectar and changed its name to Berry & Tropical flavour. Apart from its eye-catching colour, the original Tropical flavour’s main grab was its extremely refreshing citrus flavour which you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Unfortunately that taste has gone so if you were one of those of people who really enjoyed that sharp taste, you’re going to be extremely disappointed with this product change. The added Berry has sweetened the drink and this sugary flavour also brings a slight taste of orange. In all fairness, this drink is still quite nice but it’s lost that refreshing tang. This change will be seen as good or bad depending on how you feel about sweet and sour drinks but the Tropical Powerade flavour has lost its edge and once again a company has disregarded the famous ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ saying.

Price: £1.24 (Morrisons) – 2 for £2 in Sainsburys, Tesco & ASDA

Calories: 80 per 500ml bottle

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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Lucozade Grafruitti




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