Pringles – Flame Grilled Steak

ALL OF the major crisp companies tend to release a new flavour every now and again to infiltrate the market and add something different to their repertoire. Unfortunately, most of these new additions to the crisp shelves aren’t particular inventive and usually contain a meaty or a cheesy base flavour, regardless of how nice they are.

Pringles are no exception and their latest invention is an imitation of McCoy’s flagship flavour. Considering how authentic McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak flavour is, it’s fairly brave for Pringles to release their own adaptation but they have actually managed to avoid these crisps tasting like the most famous Flame Grilled Steak snacks.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make these crisps unique as they do taste quite similar to Walkers’ Steak and Onion flavour. Obviously it’s the same meaty base used by all three brands and this meaty flavour is extremely prevalent on the Pringles chip. One of Pringles’ biggest assets has always been how moreish the texture of their crisps are and that’s no different with these. So if you’re a fan of steak flavoured crisps, or even just meaty flavours, you’ll definitely enjoy these and the question is do you pop ’til you drop or do you share the Pringles love.

Price: 75p (Tesco)

Calories: Per 30g – 152 Per 100g – 507 Per 190g Can – 1977

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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