Muller Light – Apple Strudel

ONE of the busiest companies this Winter seems to be Muller with all of their ranges incorporating dessert inspired flavours into their inventories.

Muller Light’s newest addition comes from Austria with their interpretation of the famous Viennese Apple Strudel and it tastes similar to something a lot closer to home. If you prefer your desserts to be covered in crumbly, sugary pastry rather than a soft spongy cake then you might opt for a yoghurt of this nature rather than Muller Light’s Cheesecake Range.

The Cheesecake Range is similar to this Apple Strudel yoghurt as they have the same consistency and aroma. But instead of the soggy cake bits in the Cheesecake Range, the Apple Strudel yoghurt has crunchy pieces of apple. As a lot of people find the texture of the soggy cake bits off-putting, you might find the crunchy apple pieces much nicer and more flavourful.

The taste of this yoghurt actually tastes like a McDonald’s Apple Pie. So if you enjoy this McDonald’s delicacy then you’ll certainly love this yoghurt. Muller are definitely looking for inspiration from afar for all of their new yoghurts and this one is a very nice addition and one that is somewhat unique to the yoghurt industry. Unfortunately though it does seem like this is another one of those products that didn’t stay around for very long. So if it is the end of them, it’ll be a shame for those who have missed out.

Price: N/A

Calories: 99 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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