Galaxy Golden Eggs

AS SOON as Boxing Day and New Year was over, the thing immediately on the minds of the confectionery companies was Easter.

As ludicrous as it seems, as it is still only January, we’ve already seen the Cadbury’s Creme Egg advert and Hot Cross Buns are flying off the shelves. But it does seem that Cadbury aren’t going to have it all their own way this year as Galaxy have released a rival to Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, Golden Eggs.

These Golden Eggs have the same crunchy shell and smooth inner chocolate filling as the mini eggs. Apart from the Golden Eggs all being one colour compared to Cadbury’s multi-coloured eggs, these eggs are very much the same. The shells have that same dusty feeling on the outside and in a blind taste test it’d be hard to tell which is which from the outside alone. The only major difference between the Golden Eggs and Mini Eggs is the chocolate on the inside. The Golden Eggs have that famous tasting Galaxy chocolate inside and this is where the consumer war will ensue. If you’re a fan of Galaxy chocolate then you’ll really enjoy these eggs. But the success of these Golden Eggs will fall down to whether you prefer Galaxy chocolate to Cadbury Chocolate. If you do prefer Galaxy chocolate then this might be the Easter treat you’ve long been waiting for.

Price: £1 (Everywhere except Waitrose & Ocado)

Calories: Per 40g ‘Serving’: 207 Per 80g Bag: 414

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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