The Collective – Morello Cherry Kirsch

CHERRY yoghurts have long been a favourite amongst many people. Whether it’s a top brand or a black cherry variety, everyone has attempted to release a yoghurt and now The Collective have joined the party.

In a bid to match Muller de Luxe’s Cherry Kirsch yoghurt, The Collective have created their own Cherry Kirsch flavour. Depending on what you want from this yoghurt, it’ll either be really nice or slightly disappointing. If you are a lover of Cherry Yoghurts then you’ll love this as it is a really cherry flavoured dairy product. It’s the same really thick and creamy yoghurt you’d expect from The Collective which is dangerous as they are very moreish. This means that a 500g pot could easily be eaten within five minutes.

However, if you’ve been drawn in by the potential Kirsch Liqueur then you may end up being disappointed. There is no kick whatsoever in this yoghurt, you couldn’t really tell that there was any Kirsch in it. In comparison with Muller de Luxe, it’s the Muller yoghurt that has the bigger kick and if that’s what you’re after then you’ll probably want to go for that.

The only slight taste of Kirsch in The Collective’s yoghurt comes when you have the soft cherry pieces that are also in the yoghurt. These chewy cherry pieces do have a bit of a fizz from the Kirsch but it’s not like the kick you would expect. If you want a gourmet cherry yoghurt then this will be perfect for you. But if you’re after a yoghurt with a bit of a kick or are even a fan of Kirsch, you may be left disappointed.

Price: £1.50 (ASDA & Sainsbury’s)

Calories: Per 100g: 128 Per 500g pot: 640

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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