Brewer’s Fayre Autumn/Winter Menu 2015/2016 – With Pics

OUT OF the major chain restaurants, Brewer’s Fayre were arguably the least busy in releasing their Autumn/Winter menu but they have made alterations to their Chef’s Counter and included a whole new Curry section. All pictures were taken in the Weston-Super-Mare restaurant.

Despite every effort being made to try all of the new additions to their menu, time, money and the odd festive menu got in the way. So if anything has been missed we do apologise but here’s our review of their new seasonal menu:


Cock-a-Leekie SoupThe only new starter created by Brewer’s Fayre raises a few eyebrows for those with minds in the gutter and is in-keeping with the season. Their Cock-a-Leekie Soup is something very rarely seen on menus but it is a very traditional Scottish dish. It’s main flavour is Chicken so if you like your Chicken Soup then you’ll enjoy this. The dish contains Leek, Carrot, Chicken and Bacon. Once you’ve fished the Meat out from the bottom, this soup is quite nice and certainly offers something different compared to other chains. It also comes with Bread and Butter to complete this starter. Price: £3.29.


14oz Ribeye

The ‘biggest’ addition to the menu is the 14oz Ribeye Steak. Steak is a huge pub favourite and that can’t really be changed or altered. The only thing you can really do to Steak dishes is make them bigger and that’s exactly the case here. Steak is also a headache dish when it comes to reviewing it as it all comes down to how you like it. At medium rare, this Steak was really tender and succulent. It’s certainly a great meal for Steak lovers and it’s served with Chips, Onion Rings and Peas. Price: £15.99.

The area that Brewer’s Fayre has tried to introduce is a Curry section. Every restaurant has its own curry night or special Curry dishes and Brewer’s Fayre have decided to try and outdo everyone with this new section. With a Chicken and a Vegetable Biriyani, Beef Rendang, Thai Green Curry as well as the classics, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Balti, all tastes are catered for and every area of Asia has been explored, as well as our own home-grown additions.

Chicken BatliFor the milder mouthed, you’ll probably want to stay safe with the Tikka or Balti. The Chicken Balti is quite flavourful and not overly hot. The Chicken, like in the Tikka, was really tender. This dish came with Rice, a Poppadom, Naan Bread and Mango Chutney. The Balti does have a nice tingle and did taste meatier and tangier than the Tikka. The Mango Chutney was really thick and tangy which added a fruitiness to the dish but the Naan Bread Chicken Biriyaniwas a little tough which suggested that it wasn’t particularly fresh, which was rather disappointing. Price: £9.49.

Another quite mild curry was the Chicken Biriyani. This too comes with the Indian extras apart from the Naan Bread. The Chicken was again tender and the Rice only carried a slight kick that took nothing away from the flavour. If you’re not overly familiar Chicken & Ham Piewith a Biriyani, don’t be put off as this is quite a nice Curry and certainly worth trying. Price: £9.49.

For the more traditional among you, you might prefer trying their new Chicken and Ham Pie. The Pie comes with Chips and Gravy and the only real problem with this dish is that it’s too small. The Meat is really tender and creamy inside, it’s also encased by a really nice crust. It’s just not really filling enough to warrant having more than once which is a shame because it is really nice. Price: £8.99.Spicy Nacho Bean Burger

It does seem that the chains are trying to improve their Vegetarian options and Brewer’s Fayre have taken the Veggie Burger and given it a Mexican style twist. Their Hot ‘n’ Spicy Nacho Burger raises eyebrows and certainly offers something different. The Burger is comprised of Black Beans, Jalapeños and Mozzarella and is covered in a Chilli and Nacho crisp crumb. The Jalapeños are embedded within the burger so you can’t get away from the spice. If you don’t like spice you Spicy Nacho Bean Burger (2)probably won’t enjoy this burger as it is rather hot. The burger is slightly disappointing however as you would expect the Nacho coating to be quite crunchy and flavourful. Unfortunately, it’s the complete opposite as this Burger is actually really flimsy which makes it quite a messy meal. The Burger is topped with Sour Cream which tastes like any other Sour Cream from a supermaSmoked Haddock Florentinerket.  In this instance, the Sour Cream doesn’t really lower the intensity but does add to the flavour. The meal is completed with Chips and Coleslaw and, as long as you can take the heat, this is a nice alternative to your typical Meat-filled Burger or Vegetarian dish. Price: £8.49.

If Fish is more your thing then you could try the new Haddock Florentine. This type of dish seems to be a bit of a trend amongst the chains this season and it certainly is something different. This meal sees Haddock covered in a Cheese sauce on a bed of Cheesy Mash and Spinach, served with Peas. As expected, the Haddock was really fluffy and tender, given a nice flavour from the Cheese sauce. The sauce, as well as the Cheesy Mash, gives this dish quite a Cheesy flavour. If you want a Fish dish with a twist or quite like Cheesy meals, then this is certainly worth trying. Price: £8.99.

Chef’s Counter

Chef's Selection Pizza BuffetAs well as a few new inclusions here and there, Brewer’s Fayre have changed Monday’s to Pizza Night. The Pizza Hut Buffet has long held the monopoly in the all you can eat Pizza world but now Brewer’s Fayre have created an opposition, only on Monday nights. The Pizzas are more rectangular but taste quite doughy for the most part. For variety, Pizza Hut still probably holds the mantle and is arguably nicer. However Brewer’s Fayre have raised the bar in one area by including a Dessert Pizza in the price and in the Chef’s Counter Buffet. The same floury base is topped with a fruity puree and Berries and although the texture is slightly odd being on a Pizza base, it’s a nice ending to the all you can eat Pizza experience.


ProfiterolesPerhaps not really new, but the most exciting addition to the menu is the return of the Profiteroles. However instead of them being topped with chocolate, these new Profiteroles are topped with the trendy Salted Caramel. It’s not particularly salted which makes it sweeter than you’d perhaps expect and, depending on your view of Salted Caramel, it’s probably nicer. Other than the new topping, they’re exactly the same as the original profiterolesBakewell Slice and you can’t really go wrong with a cream filled pastry. Price: £3.49.

The Cherry Bakewell seems to be one of those puddings that is associated with colder times and a lot of chains have decided to release their own versions. Brewer’s Fayre’s version has a really soft sponge which can be made even softer with the Custard that comes with it. It’s topped with flaked Almonds which gives a slight crunch. The Jam centre is quite fruity and overall this is what you’d expect from a Bakewell pudding. So if you’re looking for something cakey, not smothered in chocolate and quite light, this would be the option for you. Price: £4.29

Kit Kat SundaeIf Ice Cream is more your thing then you might be more enticed by the new Kit Kat Sundae. Unlike some Sundaes, Brewer’s Fayre haven’t scrimped on the Chocolate pieces, so if you like taking a break with a Kit Kat then you’ll really enjoy this dessert. There’s Chocolate Ice Cream smothered in Caramel sauce and surrounded by Kit Kat pieces. It’s topped with Cream and finished off with a Kit Kat finger instead of a wafer. The only negative of this dessert was that the Chocolate pieces weren’t spread out very well and were found mainly at the bottom. Overall though, this is a very nice Sundae and definitely one for sweet toothed among you. Price: £4.49.Apple & Berry Crumble

Another one of those desserts that epitomises the cold weather is a good Crumble. So it’s probably no surprise that a lot of the chains have decided to release or update their Crumble dishes. Brewer’s Fayre have opted for an Apple Berry Crumble; adding Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries to the traditional Apple Crumble. Inside this purple-pink Crumble, there’s quite a sour taste which can usually separate people’s opinions on Crumbles. If you don’t mind a sour Crumble then you’ll really enjoy this, especially with the Custard on top. A true Winter treat. Price: £4.49.

Sharing FondueSharing desserts are becoming a trend amongst couples eating out and, slowly but surely, more chains are starting to create differing sharing desserts other than the Sharing Sundae. Brewer’s Fayre have opted to create a Sharing Fondue dish which is a really good idea. It’s something new with a selection of Doughnuts, Brownies, Waffles, Marshmallows and Strawberries to be dipped in Chocolate Fudge and Caramel sauces. It’s a very sweet and sugary dessert that puts a bit of fun into your food. There’s more than enough to go round and something to suit everyone. With all these different ingredients, it’s probably quite difficult to get them all spot on. Unfortunately, the Waffle pieces were rather tough which made them hard to enjoy. But overall this is a good idea that could easily become a favourite amongst couples and families. Price: £5.99.


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