Galaxy Duets

THERE has been a couple of new products that have been out for a while but have only just recently been given an advertising campaign. Galaxy Duets are one of those so you would be forgiven for not finding them until now.

Coming in two flavours, Galaxy Duets combine two ingredients and place them in simultaneous bars before putting them together in a wrapper. The two flavours are Cookies & Cream and Caramel & Shortcake and basically marry two of their more favourable flavours to a second ingredient, all being covered in that same Galaxy Chocolate that we all know and love.

Their Cookies & Cream flavour has that similar tasting Galaxy Cookie Crumble bar on the one side and a creamy bar next to it to create another sweet mixture. The creamy side is soft which contrasts the crisp Cookie Crumble but it would have perhaps been better if the cream was liquefied. You can’t really taste the cream, only the crunchy and slightly dark flavour of the Cookies. At least if the cream was liquid, you would instantly know it was there as it would give a differing texture to the palate. It’s a really nice idea and, being Galaxy, it’s still a really moreish Chocolate product but it’s not too different tasting to the original Galaxy Cookie Crumble.

There’s a similar issue with the Caramel & Shortcake flavour. With this one, half of the bar is made by the familiar Galaxy Caramel which is very creamy and indulgent. The Shortcake does give a slight crunch to contrast the Caramel but unfortunately you can’t really taste it which makes it slightly pointless. It could have been a normal Galaxy Caramel bar, but if this was to have more Shortcake this mixture would have worked extremely well. But again it’s Galaxy Chocolate and you can’t really go wrong.


Cookies & Cream – 50p (Sainsbury’s)

Caramel & Shortcake – 50p (Sainsbury’s)


Cookies & Cream – 193 per bar

Caramel & Shortcake – 192 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Cookies & Cream – 3

Caramel & Shortcake – 4


Galaxy Golden Eggs

Aero Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse



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