Muller Light – Peanut & Caramel

MULLER Light seems to be one of those brands that likes to release a lot of seasonal/limited edition flavours and their latest is their Peanut & Caramel flavour. Those who were hoping that this would taste like a creamy, moreish Snickers Yoghurt are going to be really disappointed.

It’ll probably be the same disappoint that came with the M&Ms Milkshake as that only tasted quite nutty which doesn’t really do well in a dairy product. The hope was that the Caramel would add a sugary flavour and make this a more indulgent Yoghurt, like their Smooth Caramel flavour, overpowering the Peanut.

This Yoghurt also isn’t as thick or as creamy as the Smooth Caramel flavour and unfortunately you’re just left with a taste of sour Milk. The strong nutty flavour is there but there’s no hint of a Caramel flavour, leaving a really odd taste. It is edible but it’s not as nice as anticipated and not one of Muller’s best limited edition efforts.

Price: 60p (ASDA)

Calories: 86 per yoghurt

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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2 thoughts on “Muller Light – Peanut & Caramel

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