The Jolly Thresher, Lymm (With Gallery)

WE’VE been on our travels recently and visited the town of Lymm, Cheshire, to see what culinary delights it had to offer.

Situated on the outskirts, The Jolly Thresher was our first venture and it was one of the friendliest places we’d ever been to. It was a busy Sunday afternoon and the staff did absolutely everything they could to fit us in and deliver some great customer service. If you’re travelling with a pet, this pub is dog friendly but you are obviously unable to sit in the restaurant area. They also serve free dog biscuits which is a really personal touch but do threaten to hose the dirtier creatures in their Canine Code.

There are three seating areas around the bar, excluding the restaurant area, with a fireplace in one for those who need warming up from the cold. There’s also a seating area near the dartboard and TV for those who are enjoying a more leisurely visit. As for their prices, they’re on the dearer side of average but for the customer service and the all round taste of the food, it’s probably worth it. Some of the dishes leave you feeling a bit short-changed, for instance, the Burgers are plain but at a price you’d probably expect to have a couple of toppings and although the Pies looked really nice, the Chip portion was quite small. Other than that though the quality was fantastic.

The Jolly Thresher is also one of those establishments that are incorporating Mocktails into their drinks menus. They don’t tell you what they consist of however, leaving a sense of mystique and intrigue which could potentially put people off if they didn’t ask what they are. The one that grabbed us was the Atomic Cat and out came this greeny-yellow concoction. It was a fizzy drink but not too soda-like which made it rather refreshing. It was actually quite similar to Orangina and the drink was topped with an Orange on the side of the glass. The drink also had a taste of Grapefruit and that familiar untangy sour aftertaste that comes with it. If you like your Citrus then this would be a great Mocktail for you to try.

Mix and Match Starters are becoming a trend amongst restaurants, largely because of Mezze, and The Jolly Thresher have taken it on board. You can have three Starters for £12, saving yourself nearly £3, with a choice of Crispy Potato Skins, Cod Goujons, Panko Coated Chicken Goujons, Spicy Pork Meatballs, Glazed Chipolatas and Whitebait. They also, like most establishments these days, offer some sort of combo or platter. But instead of a traditional pub snacks style combo, they’ve opted for an enticing Trawlerman’s Board. It’s filled with all your seafood favourites including: Cod Goujons, Scampi, Mini Fishcakes and Whitebait, and would certainly be worth trying.

They’ve given Garlic Bread a slight twist as well. Instead of the usual canoe or slice shaped Bread. This Garlic Bread is circular and is slightly reminiscent of Pizza Hut’s Garlic Bread from their buffet. It’s flavoured enough and doesn’t feel overpowering or too chewy. A really nice side dish.

One of their best dishes was their Roasts. You can have the choice of Lamb or Beef as well as the Roast of the Day or even a Duo of Meats on a Sunday. The Roast of the Day was Turkey and came with a massive, fluffy, carvery-style Yorkshire Pudding which made it almost worthwhile on its own. The Turkey was tender and there was enough Gravy to prevent the chance of any dryness. The Homemade Roast Potatoes were lovely and crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside, the way good Roast Potatoes should be. The dish also came with Mashed Carrot which is slightly unusual but it was also very nice. It’s certainly one of the best Roasts we’ve had in a restaurant.

For those who like their Hunter’s Chicken but would still like the feel of a Roast. Their Chicken Supreme is certainly worth trying. The Chicken, wrapped in Bacon, was filled with creamy Cheese and Leek and provided a nice twist to the dish. There was also a uniqueness with the accompaniment of one big Roast Potato which was just as good as the portion given with the Roast. It was completed with a creamy sauce and the latest super food, Kale. It was a really good Chicken dish and one that you’d try again and again because of it’s creamy nature. The portion of two Chicken pieces was also a good enough sized meal.

Despite its lack of toppings, which would cost an extra £1.25 per topping, the Butterflied Chicken Breast Burger was juicy and tender. It came in a Pretzel Bun which is being used to add a touch of gourmet by some establishments. The cut in the bun gives it a defining quality but it also gives a slightly darker, salted taste with that tougher texture. The hand-cut Chips were thick and again gave a sense of a homemade feel, continuing to give you that welcoming feel.

If you’re ever in Lymm then you’d certainly miss out if you don’t visit The Jolly Thresher. You’re met with exceptional service and provided with some real quality food, we would definitely visit again.



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