The Wheatsheaf Inn, Lymm (With Gallery)

CONTINUING on with our travels to Lymm, Cheshire, our other venture led us to The Wheatsheaf Inn.

Situated a stone’s throw away from The Jolly Thresher, but further outside the town centre, The Wheatsheaf was a complete contrast to it’s neighbour. Whereas The Jolly Thresher seemed quite open and welcoming, The Wheatsheaf had much more of a ‘local’ feel to it. It’s a lot smaller and the bar area is quite cosy but, being situated near the car park entrance, you did feel like all eyes were on you when you ventured in which can feel quite intimidating at times. Like The Jolly Thresher, The Wheatsheaf is also dog friendly in the bar area so if you’re travelling with pets you needn’t worry where to go.

Outside of The Wheatsheaf there is outdoor seating and a really nice play area for the children on warmer, brighter days, which adds to the community feel of the place. We wouldn’t say that the barmaid was unfriendly, but we didn’t feel overly welcomed by her at first and definitely had a ‘guv’ness’ feel to her. However she did everything she possibly could to accommodate us and nothing was too much to ask which was really nice. There is waitress service in the restaurant area but you can still order the same food from the bar if you have a dog or wanted a more leisurely meal.

The bar area also has a wood burner and, with a wheatsheaf on the wall, you’re presented with a real traditional and country feel to the place which was really nice. For leisure, they have an area with a dartboard that came with an electronic scoring board to remove any maths headaches. They have differing food service hours so if you are planning to visit, make sure that they are serving food at the time you wish to go. For instance, they don’t serve food on Monday evenings. Their prices are average pub prices, relatively cheap and good value for money as a lot of their food has a homemade feel to them.

The real disappointment from the menu was their Cheesy Garlic Bread. It tasted fine and came in the usual slices but there was minimal cheese on them so you didn’t really get that Cheesy taste you generally hope for when ordering it. But where there wasn’t enough Cheese on the Garlic Bread, there was more than enough on both their Hunter’s Chicken and Hunter’s Chicken Burger which was really great. Unlike normal Hunter’s Chicken, this didn’t come with BBQ Sauce but it wasn’t dry enough to miss it. And for those who find BBQ Sauce slightly overpowering on some dishes, this will be music to your ears. They don’t scrimp on the portions and the tender, juicy, Chicken Breast was absolutely covered in Bacon and smothered by Cheese. This made it a very filling but delightful meal. The same can be said for their Hunter’s Chicken Burger, it’s the same deal but in a Bun to slightly add a twist to your standard Chicken Burger. The Bun was quite floury and cut in a Farmhouse style to again give a country feel. It didn’t tear or fall apart either which made this a really good Burger dish. The Chips were hand-cut, making them really thick and just continued to add value to the meals.

Their Gammon was also quite thickly cut but topped with both an Egg and a Pineapple, meaning you don’t have to choose which can a real problem for some people. Perhaps one of their nicest starters, turned side dish as a special request, was their Mushrooms. Not only were they also quite thick, they were covered in a really creamy Blue Cheese sauce which was exquisite, potentially one of the best portions of Mushrooms we’ve ever had. To complete it, it even came with a piece of Bread and Butter which was very useful for dipping.

Overall, despite this being quite a ‘local’ establishment on first impressions, this pub was really nice and provided some real good value for money. We would very much recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area.



The Jolly Thresher, Lymm (With Gallery)

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