Peperami Roll

THERE are a few companies trying to rebrand themselves at the moment and release some fresh ideas on the market. Peperami are one of these, covering their famous meat in bread and releasing them as the Peperami Roll in an attempt to add a twist to the usual Sausage Roll.

Now if everything is to be believed, Peperami’s parent company Unilever never meant for the spicy Salami to ever hit our shores. But they have never looked back since the shipping container that was meant to contain Pate arrived in the UK back in the 1990’s. Originating from Germany, Peperami has been one of the most loved lunchtime snacks for both children and adults alike and this fresh new makeover certainly offers a new way to enjoy them. There’s both the Original and Hot varieties which currently come in packs of three.

These might be fresh to the UK but they aren’t a new idea thought up by Unilever. In Germany, Unilever also own Peperami’s cousin BiFi which is basically the same product except it’s made from Beef and not Pork. Over there they’ve had the BiFi roll for quite some time and even have an XXL Roll, Peperoni Roll and Grain Roll variations. Wrapped in the same style ‘hard’ Bread, the Peperami Roll also isn’t completely unique to us as Peperami have tried to promote a snack like this before.

Originally, this was produced as the Peperami Cannibal back in 2004 which saw the Peperami wrapped in crusty Brown Bread. This was changed to a Peperami in a Roll in 2006 which has the same characteristics as the latest version but it now has an arguably snappier name and it’s the first time it has come in the Hot variety. If you’re a fan of the Peperami then you’ll know all about it’s stiffness and texture and the Roll is somewhat similar. It’s not like a flaky Pastry that you’d expect from a normal Sausage Roll, it’s more like a Corn Dog casing that hasn’t been cooked yet and therefore hasn’t been made crispy. If you enjoy your traditional style Sausage Roll then you may end up being disappointed by these.

The Hot flavour was slightly hotter than the Original but the Pastry provides a barrier for the tongue which makes them less hot than they usually are. Overall it is a nice, if not an untested, twist to the Peperami and one that may be more successful this time around.


Original – 89p (Waitrose)

Hot – £2.00 (ASDA)


Original – 242 (per roll)

Hot – 242 (per roll)

Would We Buy Again (/5)

Original – 3

Hot – 3


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