Pringles Tortillas -Smokey BBQ

THE NEXT on the list of Crisp inventions from last year that have released a new flavour is Pringles Tortillas. Providing slight competition for Doritos, Pringles released their new snack as a new way to enjoy the infamously shaped snack. Swapping Potato with Corn, these snacks added a touch of Mexican and were overall quite enjoyable.

Now, Pringles have decided to give one of their most popular flavours the Tortilla treatment and it doesn’t really taste too different to the original. They have turned their Texas Barbecue Sauce flavoured Pringles into Smokey BBQ flavoured Pringles Tortillas and the only real difference is the obvious change in texture. Because of this, these Smokey BBQ Pringles Tortillas are arguably more flavourful than the original four flavours and don’t seem to have as much of that Corny stodginess that the others possessed. The many fans of the Texas Barbecue Sauce flavour will really enjoy these and it’s probably an obvious move by Pringles to turn one of, if not the, most popular flavour into Tortillas to gain sales.

The only notable things are that the Texas Barbecue Sauce Pringles come in a can weighing 190g whereas the Smokey BBQ Pringles Tortillas come in a can weighing 180g. This means that you are either getting less Pringles for your money or that Corn snacks weigh less than Potato snacks which means you can get the same amount but at a slightly less weight. The other thing is that there are eight calories less per 30g ‘serving’ in the Smokey BBQ Pringles Tortillas which in theory makes them a healthier alternative to the original Texas Barbecue Sauce Pringles. Either way, if you enjoyed the other Pringles Tortillas, are a fan of Texas Barbecue Sauce Pringles or want something a little different with your Mexican than definitely give these Smokey BBQ Pringles Tortillas a try.

Price: £1 (Tesco, ASDA)

Calories: 145 per 30g ‘serving’, 483 per 100g, 869 per can

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Pringles Tortillas

Walkers Mix-Ups – Meaty


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