New York Bakery Co. – Poppy Seed Bagels

THEY AREN’T just little black things that tend to get everywhere when you’re trying to enjoy a Sandwich or some Toast. Eating Poppy Seeds can actually be quite good for you. A teaspoon of Poppy Seeds supposedly contains measurable amounts of Calcium, Iron and Zinc as well as containing Niacin (Vitamin B3), which is important for good body health and can help lower cholesterol, and Folate (Vitamin B9), which prevents anaemia.

Whether this is a well-known thing amongst the Bakery world or not, the New York Bakery Co. have released their new Poppy Seed Bagels in their usual packs of four. Apart from adding a different colour and a bit of a crunch, the Poppy Seeds don’t really add anything to the taste whether it’s being made into a sandwich or simply toasted. They are just as nice as their Original Bagels but obviously they’re Original ones are less messy and arguably less frustrating because of the wandering seeds.

But if you are suffering from anaemia or are just looking for something that slightly bit healthier, switching to these Poppy Seed Bagels over their Original Bagels might well be worth doing.

Price: 95p (ALDI)

Calories: 235 per Bagel 

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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3 thoughts on “New York Bakery Co. – Poppy Seed Bagels

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