Actimel Pomegranate Burst

HEALTHY drinking hasn’t always been an easy thing to do. In the early stages, these Probiotic Drinks were all the same flavour and often left a sour aftertaste that put many people off keeping it up. But in recent times, as competition grew, the Probiotic Drink companies have tried to make these Drinks more accessible and more enjoyable by creating differing flavours to appeal to more people.

Actimel’s latest version is their Pomegranate flavour and it’s arguably one of their nicest flavours to date. The sour aftertaste is non-existent but there’s also no tanginess that you would probably expect from a Pomegranate Drink. It’s as thick and creamy as their other flavours but this is actually quite fruity.

If you are looking into having Probiotic Drinks but don’t really know where to start, Actimel Pomegranate would be a good one to begin with to get you into the routine of having one a day to access all the health benefits that these drinks offer. For those of you who are already sampling these drinks, changing it up to the Pomegranate flavour will keep the palate fresh but will also taste very nice.

Price: £2.50 – per 8-pack (Sainsbury’s) 

Calories: 71 per 100g bottle

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Actimel Honey & Lemon

Powerade Berry & Tropical 



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