Kinder Joy

WITH EASTER upon us, Kinder have taken two of their best-selling products and amalgamated them to create something magical, Kinder Joy.

Kinder have taken a Bueno and have turned it into an Egg. However unlike the Kinder Surprise, instead of being able to unwrap the chocolate, the treat is encased in plastic which you have to pull apart and split into two halves. Both halves are sealed by foil and one is topped with a mini spatula.

Take the spatula off and open the foil and you’ll get the toys that Kinder Surprises have become famous for. Even as an adult, opening up the foil can still give a sense of satisfaction and the small plastic toy can still put a smile on your face. If nothing else, it’ll keep the children happy and occupied which can only be a good thing.

Open the foil on the other side and you’re met with two Hazelnut Balls surrounded by a sea of that white goodness that’s reminiscent of the inside shell of a Kinder Surprise. However it tastes exactly like the Bueno so if you enjoy that creamy taste you’ll really like this. The Hazelnut Balls add that soft crunch you normally get when munching on the Bueno bars which completes the authenticity of this treat. The taste is no different but it’s new way to enjoy Bueno and you also get the added enjoyment of getting a toy. It’s the perfect treat for kids but one adults can lose themselves in, as well for a moment of digression. A true moment of Joy.

Price: 80p (Sainsbury’s, ASDA & Waitrose)

Calories: 107 per Egg

Would We Buy Again (/5): 5


Galaxy Golden Eggs

Capri-Sun BanApple


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